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SCORE INTERNATIONAL CONTINUES ITS ALLIANCE WITH MEXICO By SCORE Journal Staff In 2019, SCORE was invited by the Mexican Federal Government to sign a Strategic Alliance that would promote Mexico and the SCORE Baja races. This alliance has since strengthened and continues into the 2022 season. SCORE General Manager Juan Tintos Funke, offered a look into what all this means. “This is a unique and tremendous honor for SCORE International,” said Tintos Funcke. “This agreement with the Mexican government brings greater support and promotion of our SCORE Baja races with dual branding efforts by both SCORE and Mexico. SCORE loves Mexico and Mexico loves SCORE.” Signed in Ensenada, November 2019, this unique motorsport tourism alliance issued by Mexico is exclusive to SCORE, Formula 1, and NASCAR. The joint agreement continues for this year with the four-race 2022 SCORE World Desert Championship being held in Baja California. The season opener will be the 35th SCORE San Felipe 250, March 30-April 3 in San Felipe. All four 2022 SCORE races will be held on Mexico’s magnificent Baja California peninsula for the seventh consecutive year. “Baja California is the ideal place to organize the best desert races in the world because of the unique combination of deserts, mountains, valleys, and the coasts of both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez,” said Tintos Funke. “Baja also has significant government and private sector support, as well as amazing fan involvement and ideal destinations to start and finish races. SCORE International is also singular among race promoters in Baja California after a long and distinguished involvement of nearly 50 years, culminating into four races as part of the internationally recognized SCORE World Desert Championship. “In addition to the massive economic impact of the races, SCORE has been promoting Baja California since 2013, including the host cities as well as the communities along the race routes and the many and different tourist attractions and services that Baja offers,” said Tintos Funke. “SCORE does this through articles, videos, and images that showcase Baja’s cuisine, natural attractions, sport fishing, etc.” SCORE International’s media reach is accomplished through its SCORE Journal monthly digital magazine, SCORE live stream during all races, super-sized SCOREvision LED Screens at contingency and the races, YouTube videos, press releases, and broadcast via ESPN2 World of X Games show. “No other desert racing organization in Baja California promotes the state and country like SCORE does, because we believe that if they come for the four SCORE Baja races, they return to visit Mexico all year long,” said Tintos Funke.

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