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March 2022

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20 POTATO GROWER | MARCH 2022 BUYERS' GUIDE FERTILIZERS Few things are as good for the soul as the sight of a field of knee-high potato plants in full bloom. As you very well know, however, it's not always an easy matter getting those plants to that point; even barring disease and drought, it takes a lot of careful consideration and application to raise a healthy crop. In the following pages, you'll find much of the latest technology in growth promotion for potatoes. Always read and follow label instructions. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status. Locus Agricultural Solutions • (888) 331-5008 • www.locusag.com Locus AG Soil Amendments To help growers address the rising costs of phosphorous, nitrogen and other synthetic inputs, Locus Agricultural Solutions has expanded its lineup of microbial soil amendments—or soil probiotic technologies—that optimize nutrient utilization, water use efficiency and crop performance. The company has introduced four new dry formulations of its Rhizolizer and Pantego solutions, featuring strategically selected strains that target specific crops. The customized approach unlocks nutrients already present in the soil. The new soil technologies utilize the unique mechanisms of action of the current Rhizolizer Duo and Pantego formulations, which have been globally recognized by agriculture experts for unmatched benefits ranging from superior nitrogen use efficiency and supercharged carbon sequestration to better phosphorus solubilization. Locus AG's specialized microbial strains produce unique biosurfactants, enzymes and metabolites that work synergistically to supercharge their impact on soil health, root health, nutrient uptake and crop productivity. UPL North America • (610) 491-2800 • www.upl-ltd.com Zeba Soil Conditioner Zeba is an innovation that helps plants produce more by holding water and nutrients in the root zone and releasing them to plants throughout the growing season. Zeba is a natural, starch-based water absorbent. It absorbs up to 400 times its weight in water, forming hydrogels around the roots in the rhizosphere. Zeba's activity in the soil reduces irrigation inconsistencies; increases water and nutrient availability; improves overall soil conditioning properties; supports soil microbes; and ultimately results in reduced plant stress.

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