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March 2022

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Crystal brand is a registered trademark of American Crystal Sugar Company and is used with permission Every Step of the Way Growers spend a great deal of time looking to the future. Whether preparing for harvest, managing for weather or setting rotations, constant improvement is the goal. Yet it is in the rare moments when we glance back that our perspective can shift. The big picture suddenly snaps into focus—the life you've built and the legacy that will pass to those who come behind you. Through all the seasons and across generations, Crystal brand beet seed has been there beside you. We've shared in the journey by offering solutions that push yields higher while managing pests and disease. It's a partnership that is focused on innovating and adapting for the future, even as we occasionally pause to appreciate the present. G o o d T h i n g s C o m e F r o m C o m m o n G r o u n d ™

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