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Food MarketMaker 2021 Year in Review

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W ...elcome to the 2021 Issue of the MarketMaker year in review. A year ago in our YIR, we celebrated the end of 2020 and what we hoped would be the diminishing impact of COVID-19. A year later, COVID is still with us and the search is still on for long term strategies to make our food supply chain more resilient. For MarketMaker, COVID was the catalyst for sweeping changes in both our technology and the way we engage partners. In 2021 we rebuilt MarketMaker from the ground up. We modernized our technology to make it more scalable, and created a whole new look for our brand. We made a tenfold increase in the number of products that can be searched on MarketMaker and we've developed a new suite of applications that meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. This has opened the door for new partnerships that will help us reach new users while opening new marketing opportunities for existing ones. The MarketMaker transformation continues to be a work in progress and users can look forward to even more new and exciting changes to our platform in the coming year. This has been an ambitious endeavor that replaces an information infrastructure that has been the foundation for MarketMaker for well over a decade. We want to thank everyone for your patience as we worked through all the inevitable disruptions that come with the migration to an all-new technology. We think it was worth the effort and we hope you agree. You can read more about all that is new and different with MarketMaker in this year's YIR. 2 0 2 1 I N R E V I E W 2 MARKETMAKER | 2021 IN REVIEW MarketMaker has served as a catalyst in Illinois to bring stronger partnerships throughout the state. This program allows us to use the same platform which creates a robust directory that can be marketed with across all of our own platforms increasing reach. This partnership has allowed us to increase market opportunities; build partners; and connect farm and food businesses with consumers. MarketMaker has become the unifying voice for local food in Illinois. Raghela Scavuzzo Illinois Farm Bureau MM Partner

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