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FASHION Issue 53 / 2013 21 7 the month WIN a new Odessa 3d logo hood & tee and a pair of shoes with over £100 Batman.I'vealwaysbeenintofashionandstarted wearingAirJordansthefirsttimeroundintheearly 90's,soit'scrazyseeingthekidstodaygoingmad forthem!I'malsobigintomyvideogamesandthe latest gadgets; tell me an Asian who isn't! We live in a very competitive fashion circuit, how do you keep ahead of the competition? BeinginnovativeandcreativeiswhatIfeelGOLDEN CHILDhasoverourcompetition.I'vealwayswantedtobedifferentfromthecrowdsoI'mfullyaware theworlddoesn'tneedanothert-shirt,snapback orbackpacklabel.Butimaginealightweightsolar batterychargerthatcanbehousedinacoolfunky backpack;nomoredeadmobilephoneswhileyou're atanoutdoormusicfestival.Orhowaboutajacket thathousesyourtouchscreensmartphoneonyour arm so you can be hands free and use your phone likeinsci-fimovies.OrperhapsZipperearphones withpush-to-talkmicssotherearenomoretangles. Whataboutsnapbacksandunderwearwithhidden pockets?GOLDENCHILDisallabouttakingtraditionalproductsbutgivingthemamorepracticaluse with a bit of swag! You have branched out with garms, watches and iphone cases... what's next? Solarpackrechargeablebattery,Zipperearphones, andmypersonalfavouritetheTouchpocketJacket.I decidedIdidn'twanttobringtheseinnovativeproductstomarketstraightawayasIdidn'twanttofreak everyone out. But we have a great loyal following nowwhoareallexcitedaboutthesenewproducts, soIcan'twaittofinallyreleasethemontothemarket. IhopethiswillbethemakingoftheGOLDENCHILD brand. What does the rest of 2013 have in store for you? Wehaveclubnightsinplacethatwillhappenaround theUKandtheworld.Hopefullymybrandwillinspire people across the globe as we have just secured distributionintheUS,EuropeandAsia.I'mlivingthe dream now! The exclusive 3D print is our latest design and will be hitting retail outlets within the coming weeks. The Alcatraz is a hard wearing, durable and comfortable, midtop mens shoe. The girls shoe is the black & pink Jazz, with a suede check finish keeping you right on trend. Both shoes are part of our Summer 2013 range and are available in stores or online now. Odessa is an independent UK extreme sports manufacturer who specialise in BMX and Urban fashion. Our philosophy was and always will be simply to produce the best functional shoes possible without compromising on style and design. You can find out more at or view our range and selected brands at To win just tell us what Odessa specialise in? Send your anwser to:

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