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22 6 TRAVEL Issue 53 / 2013 3 Reasons to Visit: marakech The Culture With summer in full swing, we've found a great spot for you and your family, or you and your friends to hit to celebrate (arguably) the hottest season of the year. Marrakech is a Morrocan city situated underneath the Atlas Mountains and boasts an exotic array of art and culture. Reflected throughout the city, in the markets you will exprience every shade or colour imaginable while the huge squares and small streets vibrancy is intoxicating. While you are visiting, make sure you check out the many historical landmarks that are littered around the area, or soak in the beautiful religious artefacts, mosaics, marble mosques and minarets that all offer a sample of the Muslim culture prevelent in the area. With breath-taking mountain views that will leave you in awe, this quaint but flavoursome city has it all. The Food Dishes to leave your mouth burning. If you're a food lover, or just someone who likes to try something new, you'll have more than your fair share of picks. From French, Italian and Spanish cuisines down to Middle Eastern food and classic Moroccan specialities like Pastilla and Tajine, Marakech has it all. Like the colour of the food, the flavours are exotic and will definately get your taste buds tingling. Many of the cafes and restaurants will have music and tasteful d├ęcor seeped in history and culture to accompany your meals. If that's not your scene, then the mountains and sunsets that grace the area will certainly get you. Shopping Spend your dirhams on dainty dolls. You cannot not shop while you're in Marrakech. Stalls and shops are present at every corner, selling you the most colourful array of clothing and endless amounts of handcrafted gifts and souvenirs that you can't tear your eyes away from. Kaftans, jewellery, home furnishings, cute little covers and throws are just the tip of the iceberg concerning gifts in the souks, so you don't have to look far at all to find some real treats. Also, if you're witty and wise, you can use your haggling skills to walk away with some absolute bargains for a fraction of their original prices. More travel visit:

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