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HOUSE / TECHNO 27 7 Issue 53 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN Guy Gerber Having just started his new residency 'Wisdom Of The Glove' at Pacha in Ibiza, this Israeli techno DJ and producer is completely smashing it right now. Dropping his new free album Who's Stalking Who, we had a chat about taking over Erick Morillo's residency, his label Supplement Facts and his love for tINI and Carl Craig. Tab | You have just released your new album Who's Stalking Who as a free release. How come you choose to take this route? I had to make a mix of my original music for the Pacha Magazine cover mount mix, and I thought why not create brand new music for it. Instead of going through the promo machine of releasing an album, I just wanted to give something away for free and say thank you to all my fans for supporting me. Can you tell us about your new residency at Pacha in Ibiza, 'Wisdom Of The Glove'? How did it come about and what have been some of your highlights so far? I was at a jungle party in Mexico this past January, and was wearing one glove Michael Jackson style. The inside material of the glove felt really weird because it was cheap. I was walking around and having fun touching people's faces with the gloves while in mid- conversation because I wanted to creep people out. After hours of doing this, I touched my own face with the glove and noticed How are you feeling about taking over from Erick Morillo's residency at Pacha, a role he has held for 13 years... are you nervous at all? Eric's night was a legendary night on the island, so I'm very proud to inherit such an important day in Pacha. But honestly my residency and concept is playing and her; we became like one entity. And also she has such good energy on stage it made me move more and I think the crowd had a really amazing experience. What is the latest news with your label Supplement Facts? Are there any new releases 'Sandstorms' by Carl Craig. You were born and raised in Israel; how was life growing up for you? I hear you used to play professional football? I quit soccer before I became professional, but I was on the young team of Israel. Soccer is a big thing " tINI is one of the closest people to me in the DJ industry. I adore her! " the outside material was actually very soft and nice, so this whole time, all I had really been doing was creeping out myself. When I returned I was offered a residency, and the whole concept came together really nicely. I wanted to bring back the excitement and mystery to going-out by creating a playground where people could go and stay out all night whilst having a lot of fun. I really feel that in just the last month, there is this amazing atmosphere at the parties and the music has been forward-pushing, fitting the vibe perfectly. totally different, and I can't really say its a continuation of anything that was there before. You just played b2b with tINI at BPitch Control vs. Supplement Facts in Barcelona; did you have fun? Yes! That was an amazing experience, tINI is one of the closest people to me in the DJ industry. I adore her! It was the first time that we did that and it was so good, it just felt like there was no real difference between what I was we should be keeping an eye out for? Actually tiNI just signed a new track to the label. We also have a big Martin Buttrich track, it will be the first one he has released in two years and of course the new Guy Gerber and Deniz Kurtel track, called 'Five to Nine' which will be out later this year. There's also another track I did, a Dixon edit that I'm very excited to release... Is there a certain track that you've heard and thought, I wish I made that? for me but I never regret quitting. As for growing up in Israel, it really is the most complex place in the entire world, but people really take care of each other and there is a lot of friendship and hospitality there. You have said before that Sven Vath has been a great inspiration to you. Are there any other artists that have helped shape you or had an impact on you? Carl Craig is my biggest influence in the electronic music scene. Also Richie Hawtin has inspired me a lot, he's always pushing forward and he never seems to stop trying to interest people, challenging them continuously with new approaches. What has been the best bit of advice that someone has given you? John Digweed told me once that whenever you go to a club, whichever club it is, play only the music you like. Maybe half of the people will hate it, but the other half will stay with you forever. Can you give us an exclusive? I can teach you a great pick up line that I heard recently! "Hey babe, feel my sweater. You know what it's made of? Boyfriend material!" Check out Guy's residency 'Wisdom of the Glove' Every Wednesday at Pacha Follow @GuyGerber

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