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HOUSE / TECHNO 28 Issue 53 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN Russ Yallop Formerly known as Rusty James, he moved back in with his Dad for six years to perfect his craft and his art, before being signed to Crosstown Rebels. Now a globally recognised producer with a residency at Jamie Jones's Paradise in Ibiza, he's got plans to tour in America and has a new EP out on Crosstown Rebels . We get the latest... JOE LE GROOVE | Welcome to the Guestlist Network I'm Joe Le Groove, we're here today at Hoxton Pony with Russ Yallop. How are you doing Russ? Good. Initially I met you in... was it 2002? It was Yeah in the summer of 2002. We did a tour together in the trenches. We did an Ibiza season, yeah I met Joe and we had err.. a few scrapes. (laughs) god. It's ironic that a lot of people don't understand how much time it takes to do the same thing all the time. Yeah, you've basically got to be prepared to kind of.. make huge sacrifices and pretty much turn into a loner, give up a lot of things like enjoying yourself... and just really do that every single day until you start to get to the stage where you know you're happy with what you're doing. We met a lot of good people at that time. I remember you were always so solidly into music. I remember I was Djing and you were like "Erm... I'm not really a DJ.." but really you were just so deep into your music and you knew who was bringing out what tracks. I mean when we were together, you were Djing and I was Djing but I wasn't actually at the gig stage I was just of the bedroom variety. You've got a track out on Crosstown Rebels and that's been three years since your first monster track, "I Can't Wait". Yeah, so the start of my career was when I got signed an EP to Crosstown Rebels. I'd had a couple of single tracks out - So fast-forwarding from 2002. How did you make that transition from Djing into the production and then later on into 2010 at the end when you got signed to Crosstown Rebels. Just a lot of hard work really. Boring answer but, just kind of realising where I wanted to take things, I wanted to make music.. and just simply doing it every single day. I moved back home with my Dad which meant I didn't have to work, and just did it every single day for about six years until eventually something happened. Thank Oh it was Damian who told you to keep your original name? He was like, "Umm.. I kind of like Russ Yallop." and I was like, "Oh yeah?" and then I thought, hang on a minute. Yeah let's just do that. So yeah I had the EP out on Crosstown, that started my career. I did a few remixes here and there, I've had a few releases on Hot Creations, but now I've had this track.. and I felt was suitable for Crosstown. It's called The Journey, it's out at the moment and err.. yeah it's my new Crosstown Rebels EP. Oh yeah the Rusty James stuff? Yeah another Pseudonym. Thank god I'm not now Rusty James, I'm Russ Yallop. Thank you Damian Lazarus, for that advice. Who's that featuring again? It's two vocalists actually. A girl called Amy Sophia and then another girl from London called Belle. And how did you hook-up with them? I met Amy Sophia in Ibiza and Bell, she just got in touch through SoundCloud, sent me some recordings of her voice which I really liked and I just got in touch with her and we worked together and did the track. Oh cool, so actually worked with her in the studio, you didn't kind of take the stems and then...? No, both tracks I wrote myself actually. It was a case of me sitting in the studio with them and telling them how to sing it and then getting really.. pissed off and trying to give direction. We got there in the end but yeah I wouldn't really necessarily want to work with me as a vocalist.. but yeah it was a case of me having a clear idea of how I wanted it to sound and then just... you know kind of giving them instructions and then we got there and it was great. Fiddling really and then made the decision to totally lose that bit. So I would say I'm about two weeks a track but can be anything up to a month. I really like to take time and get something that I'm really happy with in the end. You were also talking about you've got something that you're working on for Hot Creations? Yes, I've been working on trying to finish an EP for Jamie and Lee for a long time, I mean they're my crew really. we've know each other for a long time, me, Richie and Jamie. They're all part of my sort of development within the scene. Yeah, of course. So that will be my next EP. It's a Hot Creations EP and I'm also currently working on some dub versions of the Crosstown Rebels EP which is out at the moment, simply because that the originals got quite a big focal component and some people including myself, don't necessarily want to play tracks in such a prominent vocal part and I kind of like the vibe of the track and I want to kind of create a kind of a more stripped down dub version really. Yeah. There's also another vocal track, "How I Feel", with the other vocalist I talked about and I'm going to make a different – using the same vocal but a different kind of track. A different kind of groove, a different landscape? Yeah. So that's what I'm working on at the moment, In between obviously juggling all the touring and stuff which is obviously the biggest challenge, in this career it's a balance between the two. So what have you got planned for the rest of the year, I mean you're obviously out there in Ibiza with Jamie and Lee and Richie? I go to Ibiza in a few hours actually. We've got Paradise in Summer which I'm lucky enough to be a resident at, so I've got quite a few paradise shows which are always amazing. I mean, DC10 is just such a great mecca of clubbing and music. Russ Yallop 'The Journey' feat Aimee Sophia (out now) JOE LE GROOVE´S TOP 10 1. Another Planet - Planet 7 - Planet Dust 2. Groove Tempest - Do You Have A Key 3. Xo Chic - Late (Incl. Alexi Delano, Mr.C & Affie Yusuf Remixes) Superfreq Records 4. Joe Le Groove & Mr Lefteye - Why Why Why - Electronic Petz 5. Gatchamen - Watch You Looking At - Super-Beat 6. Kate Simko - Your love (Kerry Chandler remix) - No. 19 7. Tomas More - The Day I Spoke EP (inc, My Favorite Robot & Sid Le Rock remixes) - My Favorite Robot Records 8. Avec feat. Jake Shears - Disappearer (inc. Hauswerks, Martin Brodin, People Get Real, Sona Vabos and Mao rmxs) - Southern Fried Records 9. Two Armadillos - Golden Age Thinking Pt 4 - Two Armadillos 10. Sweatshop Boys - Wide World (Matt Tolfrey Micro Dub) Leftroom

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