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34 6 DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP IN TE RV IEW Issue 52 / 2013 B Traits Ahead of her set at the epic Radio 1 Big Weekend in Ibiza on 3rd- 4th August where she will be joined by thousands of party goers for the free party on the white island, we spoke with one of leading ladies in bass music right now. Cory Walker Eastman | You grew up in the same place as Drake, which is Canada, so tell us about your journey into music? I was DJing well before I knew who Drake was (laughs) Drake's actually from the other side of the country. I 'm from a very small town in the mountains, there are about 10000 people that live there, there are loads of hippies, and everyone is chilling and living off the land. In Canada, you didn't hear anything besides alternative rock and pop music on the radio, so it was quite difficult for me to discover dance music. Late night they would have world music shows, which is when I discovered Shy FX's Original Nuttah, Prodigy, Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers and it flourished from there. I started going to local record shops and picking up compilation albums from the UK like Ministry of Sound and read loads of DJ magazines. I have a crazy collection of UK rave flyers in Canada from magazines and stuff. DJing came naturally; at school I would make mixtapes for all the children's birthday parties. My friend after school would teach me how to use the turntables, I used to breakdance a lot and then I started DJing full-time. I'd wake up, sit there and be watching music videos instead of watching morning cartoons. You've taken over Annie Mac's slot while she's on maternity leave and that's a really big achievement, how much does that mean to you? It's such a big opportunity, when they told me in February, I was absolutely ecstatic! When they asked me, I thought that I may be a candidate back in January when I covered her show I think that they really chose me to do the maternity leave based on that show which was really cool. I thought I'd get the Friday show, but when they gave me the Sunday night as well it just blew my mind. I remember dancing around the house like an idiot when it happened like "oh my god!" It's been such a whirlwind the last few grow. I feel like there are so many women doing so great in music right now that the numbers are just going to continue to grow, it's no longer a faux pas where there are so just many men. It's still slightly male dominated but I think in the next few years it will become an even playing field. That's probably for the best… Being a girl in the industry has its ups and downs. I stand out next to the hundreds of dudes doing the exact same thing as me. To prove myself to those dudes who I'm competing with, I have to work ten times as hard to prove that I am George Fitzgerald, Rudimental and Fred V and Grafix, so it's quite a diverse lineup for the Friday. On Saturday night it's Cream @Privilege with Eric Prydz, Chase and Status, Pete Tong, Hardwell, Benga, Zane Lowe, Mistajam, Friction, myself, Monsta, Koan Sound and Danny Howard. That's a pre-party, which we live stream from 7-9pm! What is the tune you are going to play in every set this summer? There's a few…Breach's Jack that's going to be a huge summer tune! One "I feel like there are so many women doing so great in music right now that the numbers are just going to continue to grow." months, it's only been a month and a half since I started, but it's been such good exposure for me, it's wicked to play the nation my favourite tunes at that time of day is just so cool! When they told me I was doing Annie's show I was like holy s**t am I ready for this, but it was really fun, I've never had butterflies like that before in my life. just as good as them. I'll get a certain opportunity but then I have to make sure that I work my ass off and am the best I can be for the opportunity. If you get a wicked opportunity over anybody, you have to make it your own. We've got a few female DJs now such as Heidi, Annie Mac, Monki and yourself but how do you feel being a woman in such a maledominated scene? Definitely the Radio 1 Ibiza event is going to be crazy! It's going to be my first time going to Ibiza with Radio 1 it's one of the biggest events of the year! Having an opportunity to do it this year is definitely huge for me. I'm gonna be broadcasting live with Pete Tong, which is incredible because he's such a legend! It's such a huge line-up! It's going to be me and Pete alongside Benga, Danny Howard, Alesso, Nervo, Solomun, Chris Malinchak, I've been DJing over a decade now. I think in the last five years we've really seen a huge surge in female artists, DJs and presenters and I think that the numbers are just going to continue to You are playing at BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza 2nd-4th August, you must be excited for this? of my favourite tunes this summer is called Signs by Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo featuring Janai, the perfect Ibiza anthem I'll be playing that at the BBC Radio 1 Ibiza event! Doorsky and Holmes they've done a few really cool tracks signed to Defected a track, On Point and Bassline featuring Getalong Gang. How would you describe your style, and what would be your favourite genre? I will always jungle and drum and bass, it's one of those genres that will never die. It constantly keeps reinventing itself with different drum patterns and different styles. I play a lot of different genres, but there is definitely a strain. I'm not into the really noisy stuff; I'm not into anything that sounds really aggressive. It has to have a rhythm, a groove something you can dance to. More sub bass than mid range bass. Less bass you can hear and more bass you can feel. How is it being part of Digital Soundboy and what's the best piece of advice Shy FX has given you? Pretty much be myself and trust myself. I'm where I'm supposed to be and to do the best I can. I ask him for advice everyday Listeners that will be in Ibiza on Friday 2 August and are over the age of 18 can register for a pair of tickets at Registration is open from 8.30pm on Friday 12 July to 5pm on Saturday 20 July. Listeners in the UK can catch the broadcast of BBC Radio 1's massive free party, held at the beautiful Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel on Radio 1 at the following times: Friday 2 August 7-11pm UK time/8pm - midnight Ibiza time - BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza Live from Ushuaia Saturday 3 August 4-7pm UK time/ 5-8pm Ibiza time - BBC Radio 1's Dance Anthems live from BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza 1-5am UK time/2-6am Ibiza time - BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix live from BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza Follow @ BTraits

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