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INDIE / ROCK 39 7 Issue 53 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN Newton Faulkner We were treated to an exclusive acoustic set from this emerging singer/ songwriter, after we had a chat and caught up on his new album 'Studio Zoo' due out this summer, engaging his fans on his music and his biggest influences. Emma Louise Maw | Tell us a little a bit about the setup for your new album? The setup is all for my new album which isn't out yet! It's named after a musical documentary (which is the simplest way to describe it!) I have had 4 cameras in my house which have documented the making of the whole album from scratch, every guitar take every vocal just everything that goes into the album. What made you go for such a different format? I think it was a way of working that just made everything to come together. Normally on stage it's just me. While making the album on the other hand I had a sort of radio character. I wanted to bring the music that I play in shows and allow a larger audience to listen to it. It's interesting as well that the album has a load of visual content to use in whatever way one wants. It was so interesting though because this is the first time anyone has done this. At one stage during the process even I was a bit concerned about how it would pan out. However the impact is unknown as of yet! Have your fans had a relation to your music? Yeah! They have had an input because I've constantly been asking them what they thought of vocal takes single and double choruses. I have a constant conversation with my fan base while making the record which has been incredible. It's obviously weird being watched in a 'Big Brother' sort of style. Can you feel comfortable in your own environment? The first few days were a bit weird. After that I just didn't recognise them. Its almost as though they some stuff for us which sounds great. We have also had India Born who plays with Ben Howard. She came in and did some super stuff on cello We've been so lucky! Who do take your inspiration from especially for this album? For this album I wanted to make something with an old school sound but also which has modern lyrics. The playing was relatively futuristic acoustic. I've taken a lot of influence from people have to have an emotional weight to them. This is kind of a duet between and instrument and a vocal something different. be applied in so many different ways to so many different styles. Everyone brings their own thing to the table. You do a lot of covers and lean heavily on the use of words! How important are lyrics? How do you find working alone, do you ever get lonely? Yeah I think I rely heavily on lyrics. I'm really into lyrics! I did a version of 'Payphone' and made it really emotional. It's a really good song and sometimes it's weird what you can do with these "I have a constant conversation with my fan base while making the record which has been incredible." are people watching me. Sometimes I walk in during the morning and give it a hug! Can we expect a new sort of sound from the new album? Yeah this is a bit different. This album almost goes back to a time before my first record. It's not really me going back to my roots but it's certainly one of the most guitar based albums I have done. The previous stuff has been all layered and produced but this feels more sort of minimalist because it's just really me on my own. We have also had a lot of good people coming into the whole process. Nick Harper for example one of my early influences did like Philip Glass those type of minimalist artists. Even minimalist electronica I've been taking inspiration from that. It's kind of got an electronic touch but also focuses on the major chords one that most acoustic people don't use. I like it though! You album is very relaxing do you agree? This is probably the most emotionally intense album I've ever done. When you do an album with just a guitar it has to have a certain level of honesty in it. You can't exactly write an acoustic album about going to club can you! The lyrics songs! I write everything with my brother and its really handy to have someone to bounce ideas off. The record was written really fast to stop me messing around with things too much. This record has a real spontaneity to it. A lot of things are the first take which is pretty cool! Where can the album be shown any festivals? Ihave done all my festivals this year but been really busy with this process. I popped out to Rockness for a bit and then did Glastonbury as well and now I'm kind of done. How was Glastonbury? It was amazing! Seeing friends headlining the Pyramid stag made me really proud! More information check out: Do you enjoy doing covers? I love doing covers, I find it really interesting. There is a version I really did of the song 'Paper Planes'. I thought it was impossible to do a cover it so I gave it go! Your technique such as slap bass has got really popular. Why is that? I think it's great that this style is really kicking off. Obviously there are a lot of people who were doing it before me though ! It's brilliant because it is collection of techniques and therefore can Follow @NewtonFaulkner

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