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Issue 2 2022

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KITCHENS, BATHROOMS & INTERIORS • wedi • Saniflo • Easy Bathrooms Read the full story on the blog: www.specification productupdate.com SPECIFICATION PRODUCT  UPDATE Featured Companies Kitchens, Bathrooms & Interiors l 19 www.specificationproductupdate.com To make an enquiry - Go online: www.enquire2.com or post our: Free Reader Enquiry Card wedi Unbeatable wet room solutions for timber floors Meeting the highest demands of specifiers, wedi offers flush-to-floor shower elements for timber floors not only with traditional point drainage but now also with sophisticated linear drainage. The wedi Fundo RioLigno with its incredible thickness of just 25mm at the edge, sits and fits flush in the wooden substrate without the need for laborious levelling measures. Thanks to the 100% watertightness of the material, and especially, the reinforcement around the drain area on the underside paired with 360° dry-fit drain technology, the Fundo RioLigno provides unrivalled peace of mind about the ever moving, moisture sensitive timber floor. Due to its close collaboration with industry professionals, wedi knows all too well that leaks often result from poor positioning of the drain body, and so, offers a drain-substructure element especially for use in timber floor installations. It guarantees reliable support and accurate aligning of the drain and at the same time, eliminates laborious and time consuming building then filling with mortar and screed. What is more, to eliminate any possibility of failure resulting from inadequate sealing between materials of different origin, wedi recommends using its special, Fundo sealing set for 'flexible' sealing of the perimeter of shower enclosures. T: 0161 864 2336 E: enquiries@wedi.co.uk ENQUIRY 44 www.wedi.net/uk Saniflo New Saniflo campaign wins praise Saniflo – the original inventor and leading manufacturer of the humble macerator – has launched an advertising campaign designed to stimulate ideas and boost sales for trade customers. Saniflo emphasizes that when you consider the possibilities that a small white box affords, it can open up a whole new mindset to converting unused spaces. The point is that when gravity drainage isn't an option, a Saniflo usually is. So, for domestic and commercial customers this new, striking advertising campaign might just be the nudge they need to grasp what's possible. Ann Boardman, Head of Marketing and Product Management, said Saniflo wanted to challenge perceptions and stimulate customers' ideas of how to transform their spare spaces. Unit 1, Watford Interchange, Colonial Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 4WP T: 020 8842 0033 ENQUIRY 45 www.saniflo.co.uk Easy Bathrooms Easy Bathrooms launches Italian-inspired bathroom range Italians know how to create luxurious spaces, which is why Italian- inspired bathrooms have stood the test of time. Easy Bathrooms has launched an exclusive range of bathroom fittings – designed by renowned Italian architect Simone Micheli – that would not look out of place in any high-end Italian home. The Micheli range is slick minimalism at its best, complete with wall-hung basins, bidets and either wall-hung or floorstanding, rimless toilets. Available in matt navy, grey, white or black, homeowners can match their full suite for a completely seamless, serene finish. With the current trend to go dark, the navy suite in particular matches perfectly with the Charlie Blue tiles to create a seamless flow of colour throughout the bathroom. T: 0330 660 1120 E: sales@easybathrooms.com ENQUIRY 46 www.easybathrooms.com

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