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Exciting Times For SCORE World Desert Championship Series With so much more going on now, these are exciting times for the SCORE World Desert Championship series. First, we have continued growth and new program developments, including the increasing quantity and quality of the racer participants. This, along with the return to pre-COVID race operations, allows the fans back to the traditional SCORE activities. Also, new technology advancements have enhanced the SCORE Live Stream activities for better viewer experiences and more, with the ability to secure race action from anywhere on the course. Another of these “more” items are the amazing performances from the younger generation of SCORE racers. Their accomplishments in the highly competitive SCORE Trophy Truck and Trophy Truck Spec classes are astounding to watch. These elite vehicle classes have never been more competitive. In this issue, we speak with the youngest generation of drivers in these two classes. Some have made a huge impact with multiple podium finishes for the 2021 and 2022 SCORE World Desert Championship series. See what this new generation of elite competitors have to say about how to win and stay competitive. Look for more of these “Young Guns” call-outs for the many additional SCORE classes. Suspension upgrades have been a major product development for both off-road motorsports and off-roading in general. This product line is also a major technology area that is unique to the off-road market category. We take a look at the current product offerings that you need to know about for everything from top level competition, to that “upgraded” experience that is a must have that any off-road motorsports enthusiast needs for performance or travel adventure. Last but not least, the Moto Classes have been a cornerstone of Baja and SCORE racing history. See the latest 2023 model bikes from various manufacturers that racers will be riding, as well as new models for those who want to experience the Desert / Baja off-road moto experience. Enjoy the Issue Jim

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