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24 cgw j u ly • a u g u s t • s e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 2 people on Earth, who I've seen bend over backward to help com- plete strangers on their own artistic journeys — myself included. Some individuals I would recommend looking up would be: David Ariew (, EJ Hassenfratz (, Dave Koss (, Chris Shmidt (, and Nick Campbell ( This is certainly not all, but a great starting point for any new artists. Will Har•y (aka -VILO) Tell us a little about your professional background. What led to you becoming a digital artist and motion designer? Originally, I wanted to direct movies and create films, but when I realized that the route to doing that was not something that I really wanted to pursue, I decided to try VFX. When I found out that that route was not any better, I was lost until I found some artists that told me about motion design. I was intrigued and decided to learn 3D and motion design techniques as well as start my Everyday Project. Tell us about your areas of specialization and the types of projects you have worked on recently. I mostly create concert visuals and graphics for musicians and art- ists. I've created content for Lil Nas X, City Girls, Lil Uzi Vert, SHAQ, Migos, and many more. Each project mostly entails me setting up a scene with specific details that the artist is either known for or what they really want in the visuals. Then I animate the scene to loop so that it can seamlessly play without any cuts in the video. Tell us about your "The Creation of VJ Loops" presentation that was featured in Maxon's 3D and Motion Design Show. I wanted to create a presentation that would help beginners and moderate users of Cinema 4D in creating a simple VJ tunnel loop. I decided to make the scene only using the basic shapes and tools available in the program like spheres and cubes. I also decided to use the "Sketch and Toon" shaders not just because it would be easier to render for many computers but mostly because it seemed cool and is not mentioned enough anymore, haha! How do you utilize Maxon's suite of creative tools for your projects and workflow management? I mostly use just Cinema 4D with other third-party renders to help complete projects. There are so many tools that can be utilized within the program that I rarely leave it. I use some compositing ap- plications to add details to the scene and shots that were rendered. For anything 3D-related, I mostly use Cinema 4D. Do you have any advice for up-and-coming digital artists? Never stop creating. Whether it be that short film that you always wanted to create or the visual graphics that you've wanted to build…never stop creating art. There is always a way! Mehdi Hadi Tell us a little about your professional background. What led to you becoming a VFX motion graphics designer and concept designer? It's been eight years now that I have been working in this industry. I am self taught and basically learned 2D and 3D motion graphics on the internet. Back then it was mainly YouTube and Video Copilot for the 2D aspect of work, like Aer Effects and all of the Adobe Suite. I specialized in FUI [fictional user interface] design and 2D motion graphics. 3D came later. When I first started on Cinema 4D Will Harvey

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