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LEGENDARY CLASS 1 VEHICLES A Historical View Of Some Of The Class 1 Buggies In BaJa Racing By Dan Sanchez At the start of Baja racing, “buggies” have been one of the most popular four-wheel vehicles that were used in off-road competition. At the start of the Mexican 1000 and after SCORE International expanded Baja racing, Class 1 was the designation for an unlimited vehicles from which the open-wheel buggy emerged. From the first dune buggy to win in Baja, to the modern AWD Class 1, certain buggies have made their mark in Baja’s racing history. Some of these include the Meyers Manx, numerous Funco and Chenowth vehicles, Mickey Thompson’s Challenger IV, the Herbst/Smith Landshark, and the modern AWD buggies from Jimco and Alumi Craft. These vehicles have significantly changed how Class 1 vehicles have been built, and demonstrate the growth in the sport and technology from the very beginning.

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