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Checking In The Hew & Draw Hotel Corner Brook, N.L. Autumn Gale is the director of operations for the Hew & Draw Hotel and Boomstick Brewing Co. in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Q: How did the Hew & Draw come to be in its current location? A: The Hew & Draw is a complete renovation of what was once the retail hub of the city—Woolworth's Department Store. The Woolworth's Department Store was built in the early days of Corner Brook, and eventually became a discount retail store called The Bargain Shop which was open until 2013. Once the bargain shop closed, the building was put up for sale and Major's Contracting (our parent company) purchased the building with the intent of building a brewery in the downtown core of the city. The family intended to keep as much of the original Point of Difference Independent hotels are faced with very different challenges than chains or franchises, yet they're underrepresented or lumped in with larger operations, to their detriment. We've spoken to representatives of two established Canadian independent hotels about what differentiates them and why the industry needs to learn how to better represent them. building as possible as its history is very important in our community. The structure's footprint has been preserved and the steel supports are exposed and visible throughout our building. The idea for the hotel came second as the family recognized a significant gap in the accommodations market, the city had limited accommodations. It felt like a natural pairing for a new brewery to have a boutique hotel on-site although we discovered this combo is still quite rare in North America. We sit in the downtown core of Corner Brook, which may make the city sound large but it's an inlet bay community of just 23,000 residents. Q: How many rooms does the hotel have? A: We have 36 rooms in total, all are unique as the building is not square. Suites vary in size, shape, design and view: with four distinct patterns that coordinate the custom Newfoundland- inspired wallpapers with beautifully upholstered Canadian felt chairs and headboards designed to stand out against the minimalist layout and tones of the suites. It was important to us that the suites reflect both the family and community's history of natural resources without removing the industrial feel of the building. Guests find combinations of hardwood, wool, steel, felt and glass throughout. Q: What are the hotel's main differentiators? What sets the Hew & Draw apart? A: There are so many things! Notably, we are one of only three places I can find in North America that combines a hotel with a brewery under the same roof and if you choose not to be under it, you can also be on top of it—we also have a full rooftop patio and rooftop hot tubs. There is no need for a designated driver at our brewery, you can just walk right up the stairs to bed. All of our guest fridges are filled with our in-house craft beer and we certainly put the brewery on display, with a floor-to-ceiling curtain wall of transparent glass so our guests can see everything happening inside the brewery. 14 | | September October 2022

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