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Configure Account & Workflow Select elements of the CLA System are configurable to Client's specifications ("CLA Configuration"). Configurable features include: ● Reporting options ● Loan flagging ● Disclaimer language ● Loan specific configurations ● User provisioning Workflows to be created include but are not limited to: ● Loan entry ● Draw request process ● Inspection request process ● Loan approval process (per Client line of business) Additional process to be discussed include but are not limited to: ● Client fund disbursement process ● Client User provisioning Client Team: Project Manager Business Lead Functional Leads/SMEs Built Team: Implementation Manager SME's Portfolio Conversion, Testing & Validation Portfolio/Data Conversion is the process of selecting, preparing, extracting, transforming, and transferring data from the Client's systems of record (e.g., loan origination, core, or accounting system) to CLA. As part of this process, the Implementation Manager will work with the Client team to understand the Client's current data management practices and determine how to effectively migrate this data into Built. The Data Conversion process will generally consist of the following: ● Data collection and process determination for borrower, Collateral Unit, and budget level data ● Data mapping from Client legacy systems/tools to Built ● Testing/validation of the mapping by Client Client will notify Built of any Material Defects. "Material Defects" are agreed upon configurations and workflows and/or existing CLA functionality that is not functioning as designed and there is not a work around. Material Defects do not include product enhancements. Client Team: Project Manager Business Lead Functional Leads/SMEs Data Specialist Built Team: Implementation Manager Data Solutions Consultant Production Migration Following Data Conversion, Client and Built will complete the conversion process and Activate Client's In-Progress Collateral Units consistent with the following process. ● As defined by the Implementation Project Plan, Client will extract a final version of their In-Progress Collateral Unit data from its core system and gather its up-to-date budgets. This data will be provided to Built for Data Conversion. ● Client is required to provide the final production data extracts at least 72 hours prior to the planned Conversion Date ● Once data is successfully migrated to the Built production environment, Built will assist Client with promptly Activating its In-Progress Collateral Units. Client Team: Project Manager Integration Lead(s) / Data Specialist(s) Testing Coordinator Built Team: Implementation Manager Data Solutions Consultant CLA Implementation Services Exhibit v.10.22

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