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Client User Training Ad hoc training is provided throughout the Implementation process. Prior to Implementation Go-Live , Built will provide Client User's with instructor-led training. Training is role-based and broken out by User function. Examples of training sessions include: ● Admin/Draw Desk training ● Loan Officer/Lender training ● Draw Transfer/Funds Disbursement Training Built and Client will collaborate on the scheduling and attendees for all training sessions. During and following Implementation, Client Users will have unlimited access to Built's on-demand, online knowledge base that includes written documentation and videos. Client Team: Project Manager Business Lead Functional Leads/SMEs All Built Users Training Coordinator Built Team: Implementation Manager Training Manager / Trainer Data Connections Import Data Connections will be established to support the following: ● Loan Creation (Loan Seeding) ● Pending Loan Updates ● Active Loan Updates ● Reconciliation Report Data Connections are a flat-file (CSV) that is used by Client to send new loan information to Built CLA. Files will be delivered via SFTP. Client Team: Project Manager Business Lead Integration Lead(s) / Data Specialist(s) Built Team: Implementation Manager Data Solutions Consultant Participant Launch Each Party will work in good faith to achieve Participant Launch within 60 days of Go-Live following the steps below: ● Client will confirm the list of Participant Users and access rights to appropriate records based on each Participant User's role (e.g., builder, inspector, borrower) ● Built and Client will agree on email templates to invite Participant Users ● Upon direction by Client, Built will provision Participant Users and invite them to create CLA accounts and begin using CLA ("Participant Launch") ● Participant Users will be provided access to relevant portions of the Built knowledgebase ● Participant Users will have ongoing access to Built's User Support team during Built's business hours Client Team: Project Manager Business Lead Builders/Borrowers Built Team: Implementation Manager Support Team Stabilization For 30 days following Go-Live, Built will provide Client with transitional support including support from Built's Implementation team to address workflow/configuration questions, adjustments to data connections, and additional training if needed. Client Team: Project Manager Business Lead Functional Leads/SMEs Built Team: Implementation Manager Support Team CLA Implementation Services Exhibit v.10.22

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