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A THREE-PEAT FOR GUSTAVO SR Vildosola Tops SCORE’S Trophy Truck Legends Class Again By Stuart Bourdon Photography by GetSome Photo The Vildosola Racing Team has a long history of success in SCORE International off-road racing, and the Baja California, Mexico-based SCORE Trophy Truck team has always been a huge favorite among local race fans. For the 2022 SCORE Off-Road Racing season, the Vildosola Racing Team decided to launch a two-truck campaign. Gustavo “Tavo” Vildosola is running in the premier SCORE Trophy Truck class and debuted his new Mason TT at the 2022 3RD SCORE Baja 400 Presented by VP Racing Fuels. His father, long-time SCORE Trophy Truck competitor Gustavo Vildosola Sr. is now leaving the others in his dust competing in the SCORE Trophy Truck Legends class this season. Working with short-course, and motorcycle legend Ricky Johnson as co-driver, Gustavo Sr. has been having a banner year. They took first in class and 8th overall at the 2022 SCORE San Felipe 250. During the SCORE Baja 500, SCORE fans saw Gustavo Sr. again winning the class and ranking high (12th) overall. The heat was on as the 3rd SCORE Baja 400 presented by VP Racing Fuels approached. The green flag saw Johnson start the truck and give the team a lead ahead of the competition. “I slowed down for a big puddle and probably should not have,” said Johnson. “The guys who blasted through it didn’t have any problems but when I went through, so much mud got injected into our truck that the transmission was stuck in second gear.” That didn’t slow him down too much, however as they remained in the lead. “We had to pull into the pit and lost about ten minutes,” said Johnson. After that the truck worked perfectly.” Gustavo Sr. took the wheel at race mile 224 and he drove the truck all the way to the finish line. It was his third SCORE Trophy Truck Legends class win in a row. “It was a nasty course,” he said. “It was rocky. The storm exposed more rocks and that made it worse. It was difficult race, but it was great. Our team did an excellent job. I’m very proud of them. And I want to thank my co-driver Ricky Johnson and my navigator Nico. With this win, we are looking great for the 2022 SCORE Baja 1000.” SJ Gus Vildosola Jr. Post Race Interview

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