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Inspection Services General Description Built inspection services are designed to assist Client in completing evaluating construction site progress in the context of determining draw disbursement. Services include inspection technology, including a mobile application, to assist Client in administering inspections and, if applicable, Built's network of inspectors ("Built Network Inspectors") to perform inspections. If included, an inspection report is a report of the Built Network Inspector's inspection findings and includes the following information: (a) construction progress observed including noting percentage completion of each line item; (b) photographs of the construction site; and (c) the time and date of inspection ("Inspection Report"). The following defines the Services that may be available based on Client's Order Form: ● Inspector Onsite: Ability to order onsite inspection of the property from Built Network Inspectors including pre-close inspections (subject to an additional fee per inspection) ● Inspector Review: Ability to submit construction site progress photographs to Built Network Inspectors and receive an Inspection Report based on the submitted photographs (subject to additional an fee per inspection) ● Project Snapshot: Client can receive photographs of the construction site progress submitted by any person acceptable to Client ("Stakeholder Photos") Basic Inspections Inspection Tech and Services Package Inspection Tech and Services Package Plus Overage Insurance Includes: ● Invite inspectors sourced and managed by Client ("Client Managed Inspectors") as Participant Users ● Client Managed Inspector provided access to basic version of Built mobile and desktop inspection application ● Inspection results are connected to draw availability in the Built Platform Includes: ● Basic Inspections ● Inspector Onsite ● Inspector Review ● Project Snapshot ● Optional integration with select out-of-network inspection companies Includes: ● Inspection Tech and Services Package ● Overage Insurance: Fees include fulfillment of either Inspector Onsite or Inspector Review inspections performed once every 45 days and within the expected duration of 12 months ("Reasonable Use"). Following each calendar quarter, Built may review Client's actual inspection volume and if Client's actual inspection volume exceeds the Reasonable Use, Built may notify Client of a reasonable Fee increase based on Client's actual Inspection volume. Any Fee increase made pursuant hereto will only apply to future Services and will not be applied retroactively. Built Lender and Asset Manager Service Descriptions Exhibit v.01.23

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