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Nativ Deal Management Platform Services General Description Built's Nativ Deal Management Platform Service is a cloud-hosted web application including the following: Feature Description Loan Origination & Underwriting ● Dynamic & configurable pipeline tools (web or direct two-way Excel integration) ● Configurable origination loan dashboards ● Loan contact management & analytics ● Origination analytics (deal funnels, dead deal analytics, etc.) ● Configurable loan memos (asset summary reports, credit committee memos, etc.) ● Ability to integrate client MS Excel files with agile mapping ● Data import services for historic pipeline data Asset Management / Servicing ● Data import services for legacy portfolio data ● Integration support for Excel-based financial models ● Configurable asset management loan web dashboards ● Provide functionality for configurable ongoing asset reporting ● Snapshot tools for storing multiple iterations of loan underwritings and budgets ● Ability to integrate client MS Excel files with agile mapping ● Document management Fund & Portfolio Management ● Configurable dashboard for portfolio review ● Intuitive portfolio construction tools for creating and modifying portfolios ● Ability to allocate loan assets across deal participants ● Provide functionality for configurable portfolio reporting for stakeholders ● Portfolio exposure analytics & tools General / Admin ● Real estate data model for tracking, analysis and reporting on granular scope of property, loan, portfolio, and loan contact data structures ● Robust data validation toolset including user-friendly audit trail with rollbacks ● Comparables searches Built Lender and Asset Manager Service Descriptions Exhibit v.01.23

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