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2023 SAFETY GEAR GUIDE The Latest In Off-Road Safety Gear And Apparel By Mike Vieria Spending thousands of dollars on new racing apparel and gear is one of the expenses off-road racers have to include in their race program’s overall costs. While it seems crazy to change helmets every five years, or replace racing suits after so many uses, it only takes a split second for an accident to happen on the course. Having the latest gear and the best fire protection can allow you to walk away from the situation. Safety gear manufacturers are always looking to improve their products to offer greater protection from impacts, fire and injuries. So here are some of the latest personal safety gear, and suppression systems available from a variety of manufacturers who we were able to contact. IMPACT ALPHA GLOVES Impact’s Alpha Gloves are certified to comply with SFI 3.3/5 specifications. Designed with a unique parabolic pattern and one-piece palm area to eliminate the discomfort of seams and bunching. External seams reduce pressure points and abrasion while an elastic zig-zag gauntlet closure ensures a comfortable, secure fit. Fire-retardant Ultra-Grip treatment and a pre-curved finger pattern help provide superior steering wheel grip. Available in black, white, neon yellow, or American Flag design, in sizes S through XL. MSRP is $204.95 per pair. EVO OS20 HELMET The EVO OS20 is an affordable, off-set, Top Air Intake Helmet providing continuous fresh air flow to the head and face through the same air channels and ports as more expensive models. The Snell SA2015 approved EVO OS20 features a wide eye port, a fire-retardant Kevlar chin strap, and a 1/8” polycarbonate shield with three-position detents. Optional FHR posts, helmet skirt, and radio kits are available. Available in flat black in adult sizes XS through XXL. MSRP starts at $499.95. NECKSGEN REV2 CARBON HEAD AND NECK RESTRAINT NecksGen’s REV2 Carbon Head and Neck Restraint weighs in at less than 1 pound in medium size and is constructed of hand-laid carbon fiber. The SFI 38.1 certified restraint is easy to use, and features an adjustable tether system for quick and simple adjustment for slack and range of motion. Quick-release helmet hardware is included. Available in sizes to fit most drivers, and for 2” or 3” belts. MSRP is $699.00. MERU ASCENT CARBON BRACE Meru’s Ascent Carbon Brace is a head and neck restraint featuring a hinged collar and headrest design with a hydraulic shock absorber with speed-sensitive damping. The SFI-certified brace is constructed with a carbon fiber headrest and collar, and carbon Kevlar burst panel. Provides nearly 80% reduction in concussion-causing forces in a 70G impact. Movable headrest allows for universal use. MSRP is $1,250.00 including carrying case. LIFELINE LIFELINE ZERO 360 NOVEC 1230 HANDHELD FIRE EXTINGUISHER The Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 1230 Handheld uses the gaseous extinguishant ZERO 360 to suppress fire, and is available in 1,2, 0r 3 kilogram capacities. Designed specifically for the demands of motorsports, and able to operate in any orientation. Suppression agent leaves no residue or electrical damage. MSRP ranges from $289.99 to $515.99. LIFELINE ZERO 360 AUTOMATIC UTV FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM Lifeline’s Zero 360 Automatic UTV System uses 3M Novec 1230 gas to suppress fires quickly, with no action from occupants. Designed specifically for UTVs, the 5-pound capacity system is lightweight and compact, and is available with one or two aluminum nozzles, and choice of cage clamp sizes and activation temperatures. MSRP ranges from $699.99 to $995.99. LIFELINE LIFELINE ZERO 360 SFI 17.1 DUAL AUTO ACTIVATION Suppression SYSTEM Lifeline’s Zero 360 SFI 17.1 10-pound System uses 3M Novec 1230 gas to suppress fires with two nozzles, and can be operated automatically or manually. The lightweight, compact system is available with a choice of aluminum or steel tubing, as well as in a single=nozzle version. MSRP ranges from $1,219.99 to $1,393.99. O’NEAL 10 SRS PRODIGY HELMET The 10 SRS Prodigy Helmet features a lightweight carbon fiber shell and meets DOT, ECE 22-05, AS/NZS, and ACU standards for safety. Oversized vent and EPS channels maximize airflow throughout the helmet. A removable, washable, padded inner liner wicks away sweat. Additional features include an adjustable visor design, multi-colored clear-coated graphics, a high-intake mouth vent with a screen to keep out debris, and a side goggle traction pad to keep goggle straps firmly in place. Available in XSmall through XLarge sizes. MSRP is $399.99. RDX 2.2 BOOT O’Neal’s RDX 2.2 Boot is designed to allow natural flexibility in your feet and lower legs, while maintaining rigid lateral form. The boot features aluminum alloy buckles with a double-pin locking closure system. Soles are bonded “Army Rubber” with full interior steel shank for added protection and rigidity, while the interior features gel cushioning and foam pillow ankle support. An adjustable shin plate allows for a proper fit for varying calf sizes. The RDX also features replaceable parts to easily repair damage. Available in sizes 7 through 13. MSRP is $399.99 per pair. O’NEAL HARDWEAR FLOW JERSEY AND PANT O’Neal’s Hardwear Flow Jersey and Pant feature durable, lightweight fabric for maximum comfort. The jersey features closed-cell vented panels under the arms, on the wrists and back, as well as laser-cut venting in the upper chest and back. The pant has carefully integrated stretch panels and pre-curved leg design to conform to an ideal riding position. Other features include premium leather heat shields on both knees, as well rubber knee patches with integral air intakes for cooling. The 4-way stretch knees and calves are designed for knee brace compatibility. MSRP is $54.99 for jersey, and $189.99 for pant. PCI RACE RADIOS PCI DRIVING GLOVES PCI Driving Gloves are designed for maximum comfort and certified to SFI 3.3/5 standards. The lightweight gloves are touchscreen compatible, and feature pre-curved fingers and palms with strategically positioned silicone printing for improved grip. Constructed of two-layer bonded Nomex with external seams and elastic cuffs. Available in black with contrasting trim, in Youth and Adult sizes. MSRP $79.99 to $84.99 per pair. PCI RACE RADIOS PCI DRIVING SHOES PCI Driving Shoes are SFI 3.3/5 rated and constructed of 100% split sweet leather with a knitted Nomex lining fabric laminated with foam padding. Soles are natural rubber with laser-engraved logo, and laces use Nomex thread. Available in black with contracting trim, in sizes 7 through 12. MSRP is $124.99 per pair. K1 PRECISION II SFI RACING SUIT K1’s Precision II SFI Racing Suit is SFI-5 approved, and is constructed of 100% Nomex. The ultra-lightweight, breathable suit is designed to allow unrestricted movement, while being stylish and comfortable. It features integrated flex zones, pre-bent stretch panels in the back, knee, and crotch areas, full floating sleeves, and a flat-seam design with a soft knit collar. Available in black with red, blue, or orange accents, and in sizes Small through 3XL. MSRP is $759.99. FLIGHT NOMEX RACING GLOVES K1’s Flight Nomex Racing Gloves are designed to be the most technologically advanced Nomex gloves in the world. The SFI Homologation approved gloves feature pre-curved fingers and palms, anti-slip texturing on the palms for improved grip, flexibility, and vibration absorption, and externally stitched seams. Available in a variety of color choices and in sizes Small though XXL. MSRP is $189.99 per pair. K1 GTX-1 BLACK NOMEX RACING SHOE K1’s GTX-1 Black Nomex Racing Shoe is a lightweight, mid-top design offering excellent pedal feel and maximum durability. It features a pre-formed rubber sole, an integrated Achilles Flex Zone, and a full-canopy tongue lined with soft Nomex. Designed to ensure the safety of driver’s feet, as well as to keep dirt and debris out. Available in black with contrasting trim, in sizes 4 through 14. MSRP is $199.99 per pair.per pair. PYROTECT PRO AIR TRI-FLOW FORCED AIR CARBON FIBER SA2020 HELMET Pyrotect’s Pro Air Tri-Flow Forced Air Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet is SA2020 rated and constructed with a 100% Carbon Weave shell that’s vacuum bagged and autoclave cured for light weight and maximum strength. Six removable interior pads, provide improved adjustability, comfort, and air flow. Other features include a large eye port with a rubber seal, stainless steel hardware, a Kevlar chin strap, .125” polycarbonate shield with tear off posts, M6 insert for neck restraints, and Nomex interior. Available with or without duckbill, and in sizes XXSmall through XXXL. MSRP is $1,199.00 to $1,239.00. PRO AIR FLOW VORTEX MID-FORCED AIR CARBON FIBER SA2020 HELMET This Pro Air Flow Vortex Mid-Forced Air Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet is SA2020 rated and is constructed with a Tri-Weave composite shell that’s vacuum bagged and autoclave cured light weight and maximum durability. Six removable head and cheek pads improve airflow, and provide better adjustability and comfort. Other features include stainless steel hardware, a Kevlar chin strap, .125 polycarbonate shield with tear off posts, M6 insert for neck restraints, and Nomex interior. Available with or without duckbill, and in sizes XXS through XXXL. MSRP is $899.00 to $939.00. PYROTECT PRO ONE FIA-SFI RACING SUIT The Pro One Suit is FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.2A-5 rated, and uses triple-layer Nomex construction for maximum comfort and heat dissipation. Additional features include 360-degree vented arm attachments, a soft knit lined collar, vented waist expansion panel, hidden slash pockets, and hidden boot cuffs. Available in black with white trim or red with white trim, in sizes Small through 4XL. MSRP is $679.15 to $719.15. SAFECRAFT MODEL LT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM The Model LT10JAA System is available in 3-pound, 5-pound, and 10-pound capacities, as well as a super-lightweight version, and offers a wide variety of activation and mounting options. Kit includes nozzles, fittings, tubing, and pull cable. The LT system’s modular design easily integrates into all vehicle types. MSRP starts at $551.00. MODEL UT UTV FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM The Model UT5JME-W-175 is a fully automatic system for UTVs, providing fire suppression capabilities for both the engine and fuel areas. The easy-to-install kit uses a thermal sensor on a flexible line routed directly to the area to be protected, and features an isolation valve for consumer ease and transportation. Multiple sensors can be used for expanded coverage. Comes with machined billet brackets for mounting to roll bar, and is available in 3, 5, or 7-pound capacities. MSRP starts at $630.00. SAFECRAFT MODEL PB3/PB5 FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM The Model PB3/PB5 extinguisher is a portable hand-held unit, available in 3 or 5-pound capacities, using Halotron 1 Clean Agent. It features quick, pin-pull activation and is designed for roll bar or flat mounting. An optional quick-release, machine billet bracket offers versatility of placement and ease of use by simply flipping a lever. Can be combined with Safecraft automatic systems for added protection. MSRP starts at $285.00. SPARCO SKID + RACING SHOE Sparco’s Skid + Racing Shoe is specifically designed for off-road applications. It features a thicker, textured sole for traction while outside the vehicle, yet retains pedal grip and feedback. The FIA approved shoe is constructed in soft leather in a mid-boot design with an offset closure system to relieve pressure on the top of the foot. Additional features include textured side abrasion resistance panels, and a stretch collar on the rear for comfort. Available in black with grey or red trim, and in a variety of sizes. MSRP is $299.00. ARROW RACING GLOVE Sparco’s Arrow Racing Glove is FIA and SFI approved, and features Touch-S technology that provides touch-screen compatibility for GPS systems. The seamless palm, printed in high-grip HTX, contours to the natural shape of the hand. Featuring external seams and a unique inner thumb seam it’s designed for maximum comfort. Available in a variety of color combinations, and in sizes XXSmall through XXLarge. MSRP is $209.00 per pair. SPARCO VICTORY 2.0 DRIVING SUIT Sparco’s Victory 2.0 Driving Suit uses patented new technology called HOCOTEX that gives multi-layer protection from a single layer fabric. It is the only single-layer suit with the SFI 3.2A/5 rating, as well as FIA 8856-2018 approval. The honeycomb internal air microcells of HOCOTEX provide improved fire protection, along with improved breathability and flexibility. The suit also features stretch arm gussets and a choice of boot or standard cuffs. Available in five color combinations, and in sizes 48 through 66. MSRP is $999.00. STAND 21 CLUB 3 SERIES FRONTAL HEAD RESTRAINT The Stand 21 Club Series 3 Frontal Head Restraint provides FIA 8858-2010 and SFI certified protection at an affordable price, while still being lightweight and comfortable. Constructed of thermoplastic injected resin reinforced with carbon fiber, and weighing just 748 grams with padding and tethers, the Club 3 Series FHR has a 20-degree angle and is available in medium and large sizes. Includes sliding tethers, black padding, and a protective bag. MSRP is $414.00. LEGACY GLOVES Stand 21’s Legacy Gloves are an Outseam design to provide the feel, comfort, and grip necessary to the safety and performance of competition. The fire-retardant Legacy is FIA 8856-2018 homologated, has a pre-formed palm, and is available in a variety of sizes. Constructed with Aramid and using an adhesive silicone grip, the fully-customizable, hand-made Legacy is available in standard colors of black or white. MSRP is $249.00 per pair. BELL BR8 Carbon Off-Road Designed for off-road and dirt forms of racing, the versatile and ultra-lightweight BR8 Carbon can be used in multiple configurations including standard, left or right side forced air, left or right 3/4 top forced air, or top forced air. Racers can customize the BR8 Carbon to adapt to different forms of racing and seat configurations providing the ultimate flexibility in one model. The BR8 Carbon features an aerodynamic front duckbill, Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) insert to create a positive visor seal and prevent shield fogging, and rear-facing Venturi airflow vents that prevent dust from entering the helmet while still allowing forced air to be introduced into the helmet. The BR8 Carbon features a unique air chamber system that evenly distributes airflow around the head regardless of the top air configuration used. MSRP $1,299.95 ALPINESTARS GP PRO COMP V2 SUIT Alpinestars’ GP Pro Comp v2 Boot Cut Suit is certified to SFI 3-4 A/5 level, and features a 100% aramidic, anti-static outer shell fabric, combined with a soft aramidic base lining for maximum comfort and protection. The lightweight and breathable design uses stretch panels in all strategic areas to provide flexibility, freedom of movement, and additional airflow. Other features include silicone grip technology on shoulders and lower back to prevent movement in the vehicle seat or HANS device, fully floating arm construction, ribbed wrist and ankle cuffs, a tall, ribbed collar, and premium YKK metal zipper. Available in sizes 44 through 64. MSRP is $799.95. TECH-1 T V3 SHOES Alpinestars’ Tech-1 T v3 Shoes are designed to offer maximum levels of comfort, fit, and feel, and comply with the SFI 3.3/5 standard. The shoes feature full-grain uppers, Nomex linings, an elastic, fireproof rear collar, perforations for better airflow, and dedicated toe protectors. The rubber soles are water-repellant and oil resistant to offer better grip and comfort inside and outside the vehicle. A para-aramidic fiber tubular lining offers excellent heat resistance, light weight, and strength, while a dual-closure system provides a better, more secure fit. Available in a variety of color combinations in sizes 5 through 13. MSRP is $244.95 per pair. ALPINESTARS GP RACE V2 SUIT Alpinestars’ GP Race v2 Boot Cut Suit is certified to FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard and SFI 3-4 A/5 standard. It features 3-layer construction with aramidic twill outer layer, and two layers of aramidic base knit. The lightweight, breathable suit features full floating arm construction, stretch panels to improve flexibility and freedom of movement, extended shoulders, ribbed wrists and ankle cuffs, adjustable collar, belted waist, premium YKK zipper, and internal flat seams. Available in sizes 44 through 64. MSRP is $699.95. RADAR SHOES Alpinestars’ Radar Shoes are FIA 8856-2018 homologated, and specifically designed for the protection and comfort needs of pit crew members. They feature reinforced heel and toe boxes, leather uppers, Nomex linings, padded collars and tongues, a dual closure system, perforated zones for better cooling, and specially compounded soles for support, protection, and stability. Available in sizes 5 through 13. MSRP is $259.95 per pair.

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