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UNLOCKING SAFER HEALTHCARE EXAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR AN ABQI DEEP-DIVE What is their daily routine from the start of the day through the end of the day? Do they have access to resources or people that assist them with their work? Have they developed workflow or information technology shortcuts? Is there some aspect of their experience or training that is unique? How do they approach new work assignments? What is their typical course of action when encountering project hurdles? ASSET-BASED QUALITY IMPROVEMENT (ABQI): WHAT IS IT AND HOW TO CHAMPION A GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT AT YOUR ORGANIZATION! Prepared by Vilert Loving, MD, MMM WHAT IS IT? ABQI is an approach to quality improvement that focuses on everyday excellence. Excellent practices are dissected to determine their root cause. Root causes of excellence are then taught throughout the organization, thereby incorporating this excellence into all employees' routine work. HOW DO I CHAMPION THIS EFFORT? ABQI is applicable to any industry and any role since excellence exists at all levels of any organization. It is not just for clinicians! Identify a high-performing person or team in your office. Perhaps it is you! Express your interest in learning from this person or team's excellence. Bring it to your leader. Call a meeting with these high-performing individuals and conduct a deep-dive into how they're achieving their results. (See example questions below) Prioritize the root causes of the high-performing team's excellence and encourage these best practices by proudly sharing them with other teams throughout your organization. Repeat this process with other high-performing employees and celebrate the workplace excellence and positive culture that you are promoting! You are now an ABQI champion! 1 2 3 4 5 6

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