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602 Vilert A. Loving, MD, MMM, et al. An Asset-Based Quality Improvement Tool for Health Care Organizations Figure 1: Shown here is the development timeline for our institution's asset-based quality improvement tool. Project plan- ning began in late October 2019, and the tool launched in January 2021. ABQI, asset-based quality improvement; AIT, Appreciative Inquiry Team. the AIT clinical team members were taught the reasoning behind ABQI and trained in the use of the ABQI tool prior to pilot launch. Finally, the AIT engaged with the medical group's in- ternal communications team to create electronic infor- mational flyers for distribution at project launch, target- ing frontline HCPs, managers, and medical group leaders. These flyers described the intent of the ABQI project and included tip sheets covering the ABQI tool's use. These communications specifically emphasized that the AIT was requesting stories with replicable effective processes or pos- itive outcomes, rather than simple accolades. The team planned to widely circulate these internal communications at one month and one week prior to project launch and on the day of launch. The AIT also planned to include infor- mational flyer hyperlinks with all subsequent organizational communications, including messages sharing best practices and quality improvement ideas. Evaluation for Project Success To determine ABQI tool pilot project success, predefined criteria were created. As this was a nascent project for our institution, the ABQI team set achievable but meaning- ful targets for the first year of launch: (1) generate at least two quality improvement initiatives worthy of systemwide propagation, (2) disseminate at least three stories of clini- cal excellence to inspire HCPs to improve their practices, and (3) receive at least 20% of the clinical excellence sto- ries directly from frontline HCPs. These data would be col- lected from Converge Platform and reviewed at the planned monthly AIT meetings. TOOL DESCRIPTION AND HOW-TO Front-End Component Frontline HCPs and staff access the ABQI tool through an organizational intranet hyperlink. This hyperlink brings users directly to the front-end component of the ABQI tool ( Figure 2 ). The tool first collects the user's basic iden- tifying information. Next, the tool asks the user to select whether the excellence occurred at one location or multi- ple locations, as some HCPs practice across multiple out- patient health centers. Because stories of excellence may in- volve an individual or a team of people, the tool allows the user to input the relevant individual's or team's name. The tool then requests descriptive data points: the clinical role of the individual or team being described, as well as cate- gories of excellence. The AIT intends to collate these de-

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