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2023 UTV GEAR GUIDE The Latest In UTV Gear and Technology By Mike Vieria There’s no doubt that UTVs are the largest and fastest growing class in the SCORE World Desert Challenge. With an extremely high level of competition from individual race teams and full-factory race teams, it’s more important to find racing and aftermarket products that can help you get through the toughest terrain. Many race vehicles feature aftermarket products that help improve safety and performance within various segments of the vehicles. Here are some of the latest products in various categories built specifically for the UTV market. AMSOIL OIL CHANGE KIT FOR POLARIS Amsoil’s PK1, PK2, and PK3 Oil Change Kits provide everything you need for an oil change on a Polaris UTV or ATV, including an oil filter that exceeds OE standards and synthetic oil for maximum protection against wear. MSRP ranges from $44.25 to $53.20.   OIL CHANGE KIT FOR CAN AM Amsoil’s CK1, CK2, and CK3 Oil Change Kits provide everything you need for an oil change on a Can Am UTV or ATV, including an oil filter that exceeds OE standards, O-rings, washers, and synthetic oil for maximum protection against wear. MSRP ranges from $64.45 to $83.75. AMSOIL AUV50 SYNTHETIC OIL Amsoil’s AUV50 Synthetic Oil is developed for hard-working and performance UTVs and ATVs to resist oxidation, protect against extreme heat, and help prevent sludge and varnish buildup. The 5W-50 oil provides superior all-weather performance, delivers a consistent clutch feel, and is wet-clutch compatible. MSRP is $17.39 per quart. ASSAULT INDUSTRIES   SUEDE BALLISTIC D UTV STEERING WHEEL Assault’s Suede Ballistic D Steering Wheel uses a «D» shaped flat-bottomed design to allow easier entry and exit in your UTV and to provide a thicker grip for improved control. The 13-inch diameter aluminum wheel is wrapped in black suede with gray stitching and features a billet aluminum center with five different color options for the lower plates. It requires an Assault Industries steering wheel hub and is compatible with Assault›s quick-release adapter. MSRP is $199.95. NIGHTHAWK LED SIDE MIRRORS Assault Industries/Baja Designs Nighthawk LED Side Mirrors feature Assault›s race-proven, all-aluminum B2 Bomber mirrors combined with over 6,000 lumens of LED illumination in a wide, cornering pattern. It›s designed to provide perfectly aimed light regardless of mirror viewing angle. Kit includes a wiring harness and requires no drilling or cutting to install using included clamps for mounting to roll cages from 1.5-inches to 2-inches. MSRP is $809.95 per pair. ASSAULT INDUSTRIES   HIGH-CLEARANCE BILLET ALUMINUM RADIUS ARMS Assault’s High-Clearance Billet Aluminum Radius Arms for the Polaris RZR provides extra strength and clearance for handling tougher terrain. Arms are lighter than stock, and their unique design allows you to step over obstacles without being hung up. The polished aluminum arms come with sturdy, adjustable Heim joints and everything needed for a quick installation. MSRP is $1,099.95 per set. ATTURO TIRE TRAIL BLADE BOSS SXS TIRE Atturo’s new Trail Blade Boss SXS is designed for serious off-road adventure and brings the race-proven tread design of the Trail Blade Boss truck tire to the Side-by-Side market. It features split tread blocks to allow water and debris to flow through while maintaining tread strength, a high void ratio for large biting edges and self-cleaning ability, and a pattern that wraps around to the sidewall to provide extra protection and traction in aired-down situations. It›s available in 14 and 15-inch sizes in 10 and 11-inch widths and 28 to 35-inch diameters. MSRP ranges from $230.99 to $351.99 each. TRAIL BLADE X/T SXS TIRE Atturo’s new Trail Blade X/T SXS provides serious off-road capabilities with a smoother ride on hard-packed surfaces. The hybrid tread design offers maximum traction and grip in all weather conditions and accepts studs. It also features large shoulder blocks to dig in for improved traction in harsh conditions. It’s available in 14 and 15-inch sizes in 10 and 11-inch widths and 28 to 35-inch diameters. MSRP ranges from $219.99 to $329.99. FORTIN RACING SECONDARY CLUTCH HELIX FOR CAN AM X3 Fortin Racing’s Secondary Clutch Helix for Can Am X3 models provides four different helix combinations engineered for desert racing. They are designed to provide faster upshifts and quicker acceleration, improved engine braking, lower belt temperatures, and higher top speeds. Customer supplies stock secondary clutch for machining and modifications. MSRP is $915.00 for modifications and assembly of helix and rollers. UTV SPRAG Fortin Racing’s UTV Sprag for the Can Am X3 provides better handling characteristics and allows true front and rear brake bias adjustments.  The compact drive coupling mechanically locks to drive the front differential when under power and decouples while coasting. The unit can replace X3 driveshaft carrier bearing. MSRP is $2345.00. RT1 FRONT DIFFERENTIAL Fortin Racing’s RT1 Front Differential for the Can Am X3 uses scaled-down technology from Trophy Truck and Pro 4 applications to create a Torsen-style Limited Slip Differential to control torque between the side gears mechanically. Constructed with billet side covers and large, tapered roller bearings, and built into OEM X3 Smart-Lok case. MSRP is $3,749.00. HCR SUSPENSION DUAL SPORT 72-INCH SUSPENSION KIT FOR CAN AM X3 HCR’s Dual Sport 72-Inch Suspension Kit for the Can Am Maverick X3 is designed as a direct OEM replacement for X RS 72-inch model or a long-travel replacement for X DS 64-inch models. High-clearance A-arm and trailing arm designs increase ground clearance by 1.5 inches. They are constructed with a custom alloy that’s 30 percent stronger than 4130 Chromoly for extra ruggedness and durability. The kit includes A-arms, trailing arms, Delrin bushings, brake line mounting hardware, and shock bolts. MSRP starts at $3,000.00. SPORTLINE OEM REPLACEMENT SUSPENSION KIT FOR CAN AM X3 HCR’s Sportline OEM Replacement Suspension Kit for the 2017 – 2022 Can Am X3 XRS is designed to improve performance and strength for the recreational driver. The 72-inch kit is constructed with black powder-coated, MIG-welded 11-gauge steel with Chromoly bearing receivers. Numerous custom upgrades are available. MSRP starts at $1,699.99. RACE SERIES SUSPENSION KIT FOR POLARIS RZR PRO R HCR’s Race Series Suspension Kit for the Polaris RZR Pro R is constructed with HCR’s proprietary alloy, and is internally gusseted and braced. The kit includes adjustable upper control arms, lower A-arms providing additional 3 inches of ground clearance, and trailing arms providing additional 2 inches of ground clearance. The kit retains OEM geometry and width and utilizes factory ball joints and toe links. MSRP is $6,499.99. HELLA   BLACK MAGIC LED MINI LIGHTBAR Hella’s Black Magic LED Mini Lightbar has a full blackout appearance, providing maximum output in a small package. The 6.2-inch wide light can be upright, pendant, or flush-mounted and is available in flood or spot beam patterns. The dust and waterproof light features a die-cast aluminum housing, a black stainless steel mounting bracket, and a compact design for easy placement in smaller spaces. MSRP is $62.60 each. BLACK MAGIC LED 32-Inch SLIM LIGHTBAR Hella’s Black Magic LED 32-Inch Slim Lightbar has a full blackout appearance and offers up to a 15,000-lumen light output. The spot beam pattern lamp features a die-cast aluminum housing, a black stainless steel mounting bracket, and an integrated thermal sensor to prevent overheating, maximize life, and deliver increased light output in cooler temperatures. MSRP $294.40. BLACK MAGIC LED CUBE LIGHT KIT Hella’s Black Magic LED Cube Light Kit provides a complete blackout appearance and is offered in spot or flood beam patterns. The 3.2-inch lamps can be upright, pendant, or flush-mounted. The kit includes two lights, a wiring harness, a switch, relays, and connectors for a simple installation. The dust and waterproof lamps feature die-cast aluminum housings and black stainless steel mounting brackets. MSRP is $154.96 per kit. HERETIC STUDIO 40-INCH LED LIGHT BAR Heretic’s 40-Inch LED Light Bar is constructed with a CNC-machined aircraft-grade billet aluminum housing and top-level circuit boards to allow consistent temperature control and long-lasting, exceptional output. Available in spot, flood, or combo beam patterns. It includes IP68-rated stainless steel mounts for easy fitment to most UTVs. MSRP is $949.99. QUATTRO-LED POD LIGHT Heretic’s Quattro LED Light Pods are constructed with CNC-machined 6061 billet aluminum housings and top-grade circuit boards for consistent temperature control and output. Sold in a two-pack, the lights are available in spot, flood, or combo beam patterns. The small size is ideal for easy mounting on any vehicle. MSRP is $269.99 per pair. SHOCK TOWER MOUNT LIGHTBAR FOR CAN AM X3 Heretic’s Shock Tower Mount LED Lightbar is custom designed for the Can Am Maverick X3 with low-profile, aircraft-grade aluminum housing.  The six-inch lightbar maximizes output and longevity and is available in spot, flood, or combo beam patterns. The unit replaces the stock shock tower on Can Am X3. MSRP is $419.99. LIFELINE BECKETTS 6-POINT FIA HARNESS Lifeline’s Becketts 6-Point FIA Harness with 2-inch belts is FHR/HANS compatible and features a unique camlock buckle mechanism made from lightweight aerospace-grade material for easy, positive latching while wearing gloves. Anti-slip steel adjusters on lap and shoulder belts ensure a secure fit. Available with snap-in or eye-bolt mountings and in black or blue color choices. MSRP is 339.99 each. LIFELINE ZERO 360 NOVEC 1230 HANDHELD FIRE EXTINGUISHER The Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 1230 Handheld uses the gaseous extinguishant Zero 360 to suppress fires. It is designed specifically for the demands of motorsports and can operate in any orientation. The suppression agent leaves no residue or electrical damage. MSRP for 1-kilogram capacity is $289.99. Also available in 2 or 3-kilogram capacities.   LIFELINE ZERO 360 SFI 17.1 5-POUND FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM Lifeline’s Zero 360 SFI 17.1 Fire Suppression System is available with Mechanical or Automatic activation. The lightweight, compact systems have a 5-pound capacity and feature two aluminum nozzles to disperse Novec 360 to leave no residue or electrical damage. The automatic system operates through a single nozzle when triggered automatically or through two nozzles when triggered manually. Available with aluminum or steel tubing. MSRP is $559.99 for mechanical activation and $899.99 for the automatic system. MAXIMA RACING OILS  SXS QUICK CHANGE KIT Maxima’s SXS Oil Change in a Box provides ester-fortified 4-stroke synthetic engine oil formulated explicitly for SXS engines, along with a premium ProFilter oil filter and drain plug crush washers and O-rings as applicable. The oil uses a shear-stable polymer system to provide proper film thickness and viscosity stability at all operating temperatures and exceeds API SN PLUS/JASO MA2 requirements. Kits are available for Polaris or Can-Am models. MSRP is $84.99 per kit. SC1 COATING Maxima’s SC1 Coating restores a factory high-gloss shine and protection to multiple surfaces, including plastic, vinyl, rubber, and carbon fiber. The water-resistant formulation is safe for gloss or matte finishes and repels mud, dirt, and debris, making cleaning easier. MSRP is $13.99 per 12-ounce can. MAXXIS TIRE RAZR XT UTV TIRE Maxxis’ Razr XT UTV Tire is designed to excel in desert racing. The 8-ply double steel-belted radial is engineered to provide excellent cornering and steering qualities. It offers improved traction in various terrain conditions with a tread block design that wraps the shoulder and sidewall. A new compound resists tears and gives greater sidewall stiffness. Available in 14-inch and 15-inch sizes. MSRP is $391.00 to $403.00 each for 15-inch tires. MAXXIS TIRE LIBERTY UTV TIRE Maxxis’ Liberty UTV Tire is designed for ultimate control in high-speed desert racing. It is engineered to handle heavy loads and provide extended tread life. Available in a variety of 14-inch through 18-inch sizes. MSRP is $358.00 for 32x10.00Rx15 each.  SCORPION EXTREME PRODUCTS   FULL DOOR SET FOR POLARIS RZR Scorpion’s Front and Rear Full Door Set for the 2014 – 2022 Polaris RZR is designed to give you added protection, style, durability, and function. It›s constructed with steel frames and aluminum skins for strength and light weight. Doors are finished in a black powder-coat and use factory hinges. Kit includes two front and two rear doors. MSRP is $874.99 per kit.   ROCK RAILS FOR POLARIS RZR Scorpion’s Rock Rails for 2014 – 2022 Polaris 4-Seat RZR models provide extra undercarriage and side protection in rugged terrain. Constructed with black powder-coated heavy-duty steel, the rails feature easy bolt-on installation. MSRP is $279.99 per pair. THERMO TEC   ADHESIVE BACKED HEAT BARRIER Thermo Tec’s Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier protects any surface from the damaging effects of radiant heat. Constructed of woven silica with a flexible aluminized finish, the reflective side of the barrier withstands radiant temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees F, and the adhesive-backed side can handle direct and continuous temperatures of up to 300 degrees F. The 12-inch x 12-inch barrier has an MSRP of $16.47. ALUMINIZED HEAT BARRIER Thermo Tec’s Aluminized Heat Barrier measures 40 x 36-inches and can be cut to fit your application. Constructed of woven silica with a flexible aluminum finish, the 10-square-foot barrier can withstand radiant temperatures up to 2,000 degrees F on the reflective side, and 1,000 degrees F on the fabric side. It can be installed with rivets and washers, weather strip adhesive, or clamps and straps. MSRP is $110.29. EXPRESS SLEEVE HEAT SLEEVE Thermo Tec’s Express Sleeve is designed to provide maximum protection for wires, hoses, and cables from the damaging effects of radiant heat. The highly-reflective Mylar foil withstands ambient temperatures up to 2,000 degrees F and uses a hook and loop closure for easy installation and removal. Sleeves are available in ½-inch to 1-inch diameter, 1-inch to 1 1/2- diameter, and 3, 12, and 50-foot lengths. MSRP starts at $36.06.   UPR RACING SUPPLY UPR RACING SEAT PAD UPR’s Full Bottom Racing Seat Pad is constructed with proprietary multi-density foam to reduce fatigue and absorb shock while racing. It fits most shell-style racing seats to replace standard foam bottoms and features an oversized anti-submarine strap hole for easier adjustment. Available in two thicknesses. MSRP is $239.95 each. GIANT LOOP ARMADILLO POWER FLUID STORAGE BAG UPR’s Giant Loop Armadillo Power Fluid Storage Bag is a rugged, lightweight, collapsible bag designed to carry a variety of liquids necessary in power sports. They feature two-layer construction with an RF-welded inner bladder, an abrasion-resistant Cordura outer sleeve, and a pouring spout. Although not approved for carrying fuel in the U.S., the materials are compatible with gasoline, diesel, and other fuels and lubricants. Available in 1, 2, 3, or 5-gallon capacities. MSRP ranges from 99.95 to $199.95. GIANT LOOP CACTUS CANTEEN UPR’s Giant Loop Cactus Canteen is a rugged, collapsible container for carrying water. It features an abrasion and puncture-resistant two-layer construction with an inner bladder and an outer cover. A large filler neck and a dispensing hose with an on/off valve make it easy to use and clean. Available in 1 or 2-gallon capacities. MSRP ranges from $79.95 to $99.95.   VALOR OFFROAD V03 UTV WHEEL Valor Offroad’s V03 UTV Wheel is constructed of A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment to be one of the lightest UTV-specific wheels on the market. It features a reinforced stepped inner lip, a 1,000-pound load rating, and exceeds SAE 2530 safety specifications. It is finished in gloss black. Available in 14 and 15-inch sizes to fit all 4-lug UTV and ATV applications. MSRP ranges from $160.00 to 199.00 each.   V05 UTV WHEEL Valor Offroad’s V05 UTV Wheel is one of the lightest UTV beadlock wheels made. Constructed of T6 heat-treated A356 aluminum, with a forged 6061 aluminum beadlock ring, the V05 exceeds SAE 2530 safety specifications. It features a reinforced inner lip and carries a 1,000-pound load rating. It is finished in satin black with a black beadlock ring. Available in 14 and 15-inch sizes to fit all 4-lug UTV and ATV applications.  MSRP ranges from $235.00 to $269.00 each. V06 UTV WHEEL Valor Offroad’s V06 UTV Wheel was developed specifically for the new Polaris RZR 5-lug platform. Available in larger 15x8 size to accommodate larger, wider tires, the V06 has a 1,250-pound load rating. Wheels are drilled with 48 beadlock holes to keep you rolling in case of damage to one set of holes. Deep channels in the beadlock ring offer extra protection for bolts. Available in gloss black with brushed gunmetal ring, brushed gunmetal with gloss black ring, or satin black with gloss black ring. MSRP is 304.00 each. WARRIOR PRODUCTS   QUICKLATCH AXE/SHOVEL MOUNT Warrior Products’ QuickLatch Axe/Shovel Mount allows easy, secure attachment of your tools to Warrior rack systems without undoing bolts or ties and adjusts to secure handles of 7/8-inch diameter to 1 ½-inch diameter. The lockable mounts can also be installed on any flat surface with included hardware. MSRP is $192.99 per pair. 18-INCH MOD BOX Warrior Products’ 18-Inch MOD Box is fully lockable and guaranteed not to rattle. It provides extra storage and allows gear to be securely stored inside the box or hung outside. Box is designed to work with Warrior Rack systems or can be mounted on any flat surface with included hardware. MSRP is $212.99 each. MINI MAXTRAX & ROTOPAX MOUNT SYSTEM Warrior Products’ Mini Maxtrax & Rotopax Mount System provides solid, adaptable mounting for Maxtrax traction boards and Rotopax fuel containers, water packs, and storage containers, as well as many other boards and containers. Finished in smooth, brushed aluminum, the mounts are compatible with all Warrior Rack systems or can be mounted on various flat surfaces with included hardware. Measures approximately 16 inches x 12.5 inches. MSRP is $82.99 each. WILWOOD DISC BRAKES POLARIS RZR BRAKE UPGRADE KITS Wilwood’s UTV6 Front Brake and UTV6 Rear Brake Upgrade Kits for the 2014 – 2023 Polaris RZR feature a new caliper and rotor design with six-piston calipers and dynamically-mounted steel floating rotors. Forged aluminum pistons reduce deflection to provide more uniform clamping, and rotors have a 20% larger diameter for better braking and less distortion. Available with solid or drilled rotors and with a choice of black, red, or custom-colored calipers. MSRP starts at $1,414.91 per kit. CAN AM MAVERICK X3 BRAKE UPGRADE KITS Wilwood’s UTV6 Front Brake and UTV4 Rear Brake Upgrade Kits for the 2017 – 2021 Can Am Maverick X3 feature six-piston front calipers and four-piston rear calipers, along with larger, dynamically-mounted floating rotors. Forged aluminum pistons reduce deflection to provide more uniform clamping, and thicker steel rotors generate greater braking force with less distortion. Available with solid or drilled rotors and with a choice of black, red, or custom-colored calipers. MSRP starts at $1,414.91 per kit. EIBACH  PRO-UTV SPRING SYSTEM Eibach’s PRO-UTV Spring System is available for many popular UTV makes and models. The spring systems are designed to improve ride and handling over all types of terrain. Adjustable collars allow fine-tuning of the dual spring rates for better vehicle dynamics and to prevent bottoming. Kits come in two levels: one for standard loads and another for higher loads and additional passengers. Systems include all springs and hardware needed for easy bolt-on installation. Anti-roll bar kits and adjustable links are also available for many models to enhance ride and handling characteristics. MSRP starts at $904.00 for spring kits and $242.00 for anti-roll bar kits. GARMIN TREAD XL – BAJA RACE EDITION NAVIGATOR Garmin’s Tread XL - Baja Race Edition Navigator is designed for high-speed Baja racing, providing the tracking and communications technology necessary for competition. Built-in inReach technology gives live positions of race and chase vehicles. GPX course file compatibility allows a full view of the course features, and pre-running tools allow custom pace notes for efficient course planning. The unit features an ultra-bright 10-inch touchscreen display and comes preloaded with northern Baja Peninsula satellite imagery, with other high-resolution imagery easily downloadable. Designed for rugged use, the unit is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance. MSRP is $2,499.99. TREAD XL- BAJA CHASE EDITION NAVIGATOR Garmin’s Tread XL - Baja Chase Edition Navigator is designed to give chase vehicles all the technology needed for tracking and communicating with race vehicles. Built-in inReach technology provides live position information on race and chase vehicles. GPX course file compatibility allows a full view of the course features, and pre-running tools allow the creation of custom pace notes. Heavy-duty suction cup mounting allows easy portability, and an ultra-bright 10-inch touchscreen display allows easy viewing. Ruggedly designed with IP67 dust and water resistance.  MSRP is $1,799.99.

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