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SCORE JOURNAL CELEBRATES ITS 100TH ISSUE The Official Publication Of SCORE Stretches Beyond Racers And Fans By SCORE Journal Staff SCORE Journal Magazine reached a milestone by publishing its 100th issue. After its first issue in 2015, SCORE Journal quickly grew to reach a monthly average of over 1.8 million readers. The publication expanded with a Spanish Edition in October 2016, reaching more than 282K Spanish speakers in Mexico and the United States.     The digital format is part of SCORE Journal’s success, allowing it to be widely distributed for free to millions of readers, making it the largest off-road and off-road racing magazine and a unique marketing tool for SCORE International and its sponsors.   Reaching people digitally through their mobile devices is the key to SCORE Journal’s success and growth,” said SCORE’s VP of Marketing, Jim Ryan. “SCORE Journal has reached far beyond SCORE racers and the fan base. It is now read by millions of off-road enthusiasts who are into trucks, UTVs, and motorcycles, and are avid adventure seekers.”    MEMORABLE ISSUES AND STORIES  Over the past nine years, SCORE Journal has featured many people, articles, videos, and many milestone moments worth revisiting. 2015 SCORE International published its first issue of SCORE Journal featuring Gus Vildosola on the cover as SCORE Person Of The Year in January.   (Spanish) In October 2016, SCORE International published SCORE Journal in Spanish for its Mexican and Spanish-speaking audience, which has now reached more than 282K readers.   The first “Champions” issue began with the January 2016 issue, showcasing all the race season’s SCORE Champions. Safety became a major topic of focus, starting with the March 2016 issue. SCORE Journal continues to focus heavily on safety components, medical knowledge, and the push toward improving safety in off-road motorsports.   In the April 2016 issue, SCORE Journal detailed the history of BFGoodrich Tires’ forty years of involvement in SCORE Baja racing that continues today.    Bill Stroppe is featured in the July 2016 issue, highlighting SCORE Journal’s continued focus on SCORE history and legendary figures.   The first helmet issue in February 2017 focused on safety for SCORE Racers.   SCORE expands with Ensenada office opening with SCORE President/Race Director Jose Grijalva and General Manager Juan Tintos  SCORE Official Photographer, Art Eugenio, took an iconic photo of Apdaly Lopez that became one of the most popular SCORE images among the thousands Get Some Photo shot over the years.   SCORE Journal highlighted the SCORE Baja 1000 Experience special outdoor feature area, one of the main attractions for the globally attended SEMA show from 2014-2018. The SCORE Trophy Truck Display area with drivers on-site was developed for the off-road motorsports category as the SCORE Marketing program leading up to the 2017 SCORE Baja 1000 50th Anniversary and 2018 SCORE Baja 500 50th Anniversary global race events.   Preparing for the 50th Anniversary of the SCORE Baja 1000 in 2017, SCORE Journal dedicates a section in every issue on some of the race’s winners and legendary racers, including Bud and Dave Ekins, Sal Fish, Walker Evans, Malcolm Smith and Bud Feldkamp, Mickey Thompson (by his son Danny Thompson), Ivan Stewart, Rob MacCachren, Johnny Campbell, Jerry Penhall, the Herbst family, Steve Hengeveld, BJ Baldwin, Jack Johnson, Bobby Ferro, Mark Stahl, Rod Hall, and the PPI Race Team. In the July 2017 issue, SCORE Journal highlighted the career of Legendary Racer Rod Hall with one of his final interviews.   Every year since 2017, during the SCORE Baja 1000 race week, SCORE Journal issues have surpassed 2.4 million readers. The Spanish editions attract another 500K readers during the Baja 1000 race week.   The final SEMA SCORE Baja Experience in SCORE Journal had a unique street photography capturing the SCORE Baja 1000 racers cruising down the Las Vegas Strip.   SCORE Journal featured the original Vic Hickey Baja Boot in the June 2019 issue. The September 2019 issue gets an exclusive on the Glickenhaus Baja Boot II.   The launch of the 2021 Ford Bronco was featured in the November 2019 issue as part of Ford’s official launch of this newly designed SUV based on its Baja racing history.   The February 2020 issue highlighted studio shots for the annual Safety Equipment Guide. This issue featured a photoshoot with SCORE racer Ramon Bio “volunteering” to model, while former JIMCO owner Robbie Pierce offered safety expertise.    The May 2020 issue had a record-setting twenty-four videos integrated into it. The publication began integrating video since its inception in 2015.   The Nov 2020 issue featured Robbie and Max Gordon on the cover, highlighting the next generation of SCORE racers featured. Photo by Jack Wright nMedia3   Some of the great women racers of the 2021 season were featured in the June issue, including Shelby Reid, Kristen Matlock, Katie Vernola, and several others.   The Sept 2021 issue showcased SCORE’s Greatest Moto Racers of All Time, starting with the Ekins Brothers and Malcolm Smith.   The famous Big Oly Bronco was on the cover of the Nov 2021 SEMA Show issue, a powerful representation for off-road performance at this global industry show   The youngest pro racers of the 2022 Season were featured in the July 2022 issue, including Chris Polvoorde, Broc Dickerson, Jax Redline, and Elijah Kiger.   For the first time, SCORE Journal gathered some of the top engine builders for the September 2022 Power Players Issue.   The November 2022 issue offered a platform for SCORE Moto Racers to air out changes and solutions to improve moto racer safety and competition.   SCORE JOURNAL IS MADE OF PEOPLE While the magazine serves as a marketing tool for the race series, publisher Jim Ryan has directed the focus to be on the people that make up SCORE. The publication needs a lot of talented individuals to make that happen.   Organizing and managing every issue is the duty of five-time SCORE Journalist Of The Year, Dan Sanchez, and his staff at DS Media LLC. Sanchez has been a journalist, writer, author, and photographer for more than thirty-five years and has been the editor and on staff at numerous automotive and outdoor publications over his career. He also has vast experience and knowledge of digital marketing, content marketing, and advertising that has helped propel SCORE Journal into great success. Starting in hot-rod and muscle car publications, Sanchez has had racing experience in NHRA, and SCCA, but his first experience in desert racing came at a Goodyear tire event in 1987, where he got a ride in a Dodge Ram Trophy Truck with Walker Evans. “It was like being in a muscle car, an off-shore boat, and an off-road truck all in one,” said Sanchez. “I wanted Walker to go faster and I was hooked ever since.”  Larry Saavedra has been involved in automotive journalism for more than thirty-five years. His first experience in off-road desert racing came in the late 1980s when he navigated with Manny Esquerra at the SCORE Baja 500. “He drove the screws off his Stroppe-prepped SCORE Class 7 Ford, and I was in the seat for the entire nine hours,” said Saavedra. “He won the race and I got my first finisher’s pin. That hands-on experience with top-level off-road desert racing comes into play when I’m interviewing racers even today. It helps me understand why they do what they do. Working with SCORE Journal is a part of the thrill.”   Mike Vieira is an automotive journalist who started in endurance rally racing during the ‘70s and through the ‘90s as an official, organizer, and participant. He was also a writer for GEAR Television, focusing on light truck accessory products, then writing and producing his own TV show, Sport Truck Connection. There, he evaluated trucks for more than seventeen years, spinning off Travel n’ Truck Television in collaboration with Route 66 Magazine. Vieira interviews SCORE racers and creates many buyer’s guides in SCORE Journal. “The guides keep me up to date on the latest products and conveying the experiences and enthusiasm of the racers, hopefully bringing readers closer to the action.”   Stuart Bourdon built a Baja Bug in high school to explore the mountains and deserts of southern California. A trip with a college friend to check out the 1976 Baja International (500) set the off-road hook even deeper. Bourdon’s keen interest in photography, motorsports, and the outdoors soon led to a job as a staff photographer at Trackside Photo. His first race shoot was the SCORE 1982 Baja 500. His experience led to editorial positions at Four Wheeler Magazine and then Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road, where he continued covering off-road races well into the late 1990s. Although Stuart eventually moved into editorial positions on boating, outdoor, and RV publications, he continued photographing off-road races for corporate and editorial clients and was the founding editor of, and he brings his experience to SCORE Journal.    Elijah Sanchez is DS Media’s copy editor, video editor, and associate writer. He graduated from Oregon State University with an English and Writing degree and is an essential part of catching any grammar errors in SCORE Journal, as well as writing some of the new vehicle reviews.    Ashley Horne is the graphic designer at DerDiz Digital, the co-partner with DS Media in producing SCORE Journal. Along with her husband, Todd Horne (not pictured), DerDiz processes and distributes SCORE Journal to millions of readers monthly. Ashley Horne is a graduate of LSU with a BFA and is an accomplished portrait photographer. She has designed every issue since the magazine’s inception and also designs the SCORE Journal Spanish editions.     Dominic Clark is SCORE’s Media Operations Manager and has also contributed to SCORE Journal as the source for current and historical information, statistics, and more. Along with Clark and his volunteers at the races, who gather quotes and information for us, we often rely on them and other SCORE International staff and management to provide the publication with vital information on racers and races when needed. PHOTOGRAPHY IS EVERYTHING Over the past 100 issues, many contributors have, and continue to provide photography, but most of it has come from SCORE’s Official Photographer, Art Eugenio, and his crew at Get Some Photo. Art Eugenio is a six-time SCORE Photographer Of The Year winner, and his team has contributed thousands of images of races from the ground and air. Here is just a sample of their favorites.  Jack Wright at nMedia3 has also helped by providing all the racer portrait images SCORE Journal has used since 2017, often setting up mini photo studios on-site during SCORE races to get as many racers photographed as possible. Wright has also provided start and finish line photos from the races, has been instrumental in working on many of the historical images found while researching the 50th Anniversary of SCORE International, and is the designer for the SCORE Journal Marketing material and SCORE website.  Continued on page 64

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