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August / September 2023

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6 SUGAR PRODUCER | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2023 H&S MFG offers a lineup of 24-ton, 30-ton, 35-ton and 44- ton beet cart model sizes. H&S carts add efficiency to keep the harvester moving during the short window of fall beet harvest. Continue operating in extreme, muddy conditions with tracks or large flotation radial tires. Unloading boom sizes available include 42-, 52- and 64-inch widths. e elevator boom provides for fast unload all while scrub cleaning the beets for producer tare incentive payments. e unload speed can be optimized with the available tractor to drive the elevator by hydraulics or PTO. Convenient water kits, scale kits and plastic options are available, along with the boom vertical height adjust option for customers piling windrows in the field. With the experience of nearly 30 years manufacturing sugar- beet carts, H&S has developed a cart with the customer's needs in mind. For more information, visit Heartland Ag Systems' VPA 1000 is a side unload 30-ton tender featuring a capacity of 1000 cubic . and six compartments. e unload rate is up to 5,000 lbs. per minute and the auger length is 22 feet. e patent-pending variable position auger system dis- charges and folds into the cradle on both sides of the tender for more functionality than a traditional side auger tender. e dual chute auger is configured to discharge fertilizer to driver side or ditch side based on orientation of the auger. Hydraulic cam valves automatically stop hydraulic flow when rotated to stops, preventing rotation when the auger is in the cradle. It also features product viewing windows to easily see what's happening inside. Hydraulic hardlines run the length of the trailer and unload auger. ere is a unique auger con- nection system that eliminates leakage and product buildup commonly seen with two-piece auger systems. Additionally, the 50-degree slope sides allow for fast clea- nout and there are also self-cleaning bins. For more information, visit NETZSCH Pumps USA highlights its TORNADO T1 Generation F pump, designed to produce high flow at low to medium pressures in a small compact package. It is ideal for applications in agriculture. e TORNADO T1 Generation F pump can handle a wide range of vis- cosities, solids, temperature, abrasion, and corrosive/acidic process fluids and environments. e TORNADO T1 Generation F pump is extremely versatile for just about any orientation and installation. Its robust design offers longevity, oper- ational flexibility, and dry-run capabil- ities. It allows the pump to operate and handle many upset process conditions without causing harm to the pump. e pumps are available up to over 4000 gpm and up to 130 psi. NETZSCH TORNADO T1 Gen- eration F is a Full Service-in-Place (FSIP) pump. e front pullout design allows for easy access for maintenance and inspection. Opening the front cover allows access to the wear plates, lobes, and seals, making this pump very easy to service. Additionally, there is no need to access the timing gears or bear- ing as they are protected with the NETZSCH Gearbox Security System (GSS). is desirable feature protects the gearbox from the process side of the pump (wet-end). e GSS is an air gap that exists between the mechanical seal and the lip seal of the timing gearbox that establishes a phys- ical separation between them. Should the mechanical seal leak, no product can get into the pump's gearbox to contaminate the timing gear oil. e air gap allows for the process fluid to drip away from the sha and timing gearbox to prevent damage; the process fluid physically cannot pass through the air gap and migrate past the gearbox lip seal. is air gap fully prevents the intermingling of the two fluids, resulting in improved long term operation and allows for the pump to have lower total cost of ownership. Re- pairs of bearings, lip seals and timing gears are greatly diminished with the TORNADO T1 Generation F rotary lobe pumps. For more information, visit H&S BEET CART VPA 1000 NETZSCH HIGHLIGHTS TORNADO T1 GENERATION F ROTARY LOBE PUMP THE LATEST AND GREATEST FROM THE SUGARBEET INDUSTRY NEW PRODUCTS

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