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What Makes An Off-Road Racer? By Dan Sanchez Editor, SCORE Journal What is it that makes someone go through four races of nothing but preparation, logistics, and navigating through brutal courses that are hot, dirty, and very uncomfortable? It takes a special person who wants to race off-road and win. When we interview racers most tell us that the desire to race SCORE was something they saw and once they actually did it, it got into their blood. Former SCORE owner Sal Fish always told me that it was the experience of it, more than anything else, that draws people to this unique sport and keeps them coming back. In fact many racers, especially the Pro Moto Ironman riders, say after completing a SCORE Baja 1000 that they wouldn’t do that again. But they return to challenge themselves and their vehicles over and over, and say the same thing after each race. Over the past seasons, we’ve seen more and more racers enter into a variety of classes to get a chance to compete. This is what’s great about the SCORE World Desert Championship, is that you can race at any level. Many begin participating in a Wide Open Baja adventure trip, and learn what it is all about. Afterwards, there are numerous classes to gain experience and move up to faster and faster vehicles when the chance arises. The one thing that still holds true today as it did at the beginning of SCORE, is that this is a family sport. In no other sport do we see generations of family members compete over the decades SCORE has been around. I could be wrong, but SCORE is also the motorsport where we see the most family members participating, taking turns driving their race vehicles. As more people begin to become aware of SCORE racing, it’s important we all invite them in and offer assistance during their journey in this sport. As SCORE begins another 50-years of its existence as a race entity, I think this is one of the most important aspects to keeping SCORE open and competitive for the future.

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