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TWO VEHICLES, ONE CHAMPIONSHIP The New King Of Class 11 In Baja By Gabriel Garcia PHOTOS BY GETSOMEPHOTO Oliver Flemate is very proud of what he achieved in the SCORE International 2023 World Desert Championship, as he was crowned champion in Class 11. Running two teams this season, Flemate also took sixth place in the SCORE Trophy Truck Spec class, of which he will also take home a pair of Rod Hall SCORE Milestone Awards Presented by Toyota Escondido, for completing all the miles in the last season in two vehicles. Flemate, who represents the Maneadero delegation in the municipality of Ensenada, Baja California, assured that the 2023 achievements are a tremendous satisfaction for the Los Flemate Racing team. This goes hand-in-hand with Aztec talents such as Antonio “La Pulga del Desierto” Espinoza, Patricio “El Tesoro” Flores, and Luis “Chalán” Magaña. Whiel the season went great for Flemate, the SCORE Baja 400 was the most difficult competition for him last year. It was the debut of his Class 11 car, affectionately nicknamed the “Trophy Bocho,” as he had to work out several details due to it being a new car. This stock Volkswagen Bug was manufactured by Flores, mechanically prepared by Magaña, and driven by Espinoza and Flemate, with the latter as its designer. It is currently considered the best Class 11 car in Mexico and the United States. Flemate’s main goals are to finish every race and never give up, which is why he is always improving alongside his teammates. “That’s why we make a good preparation, of all kinds, thinking about crossing the finish line in all competitions,” he mentioned. About his plans for the 2024 SCORE International World Desert Championship, Flemate revealed that he will have three vehicles, including his SCORE Trophy Truck Spec of the TSCO Racing brand, but the surprise is that he will run two “vochitos” in Class 11. “We want to make our mark in the category (Class 11) and try to win the championship in my Trophy Truck Spec,” said Flemate. “I don’t see it far away, nor impossible. I’m close to that goal with my team.” SJ

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