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2024 UTV GEAR GUIDE Outfit Your UTV With The Latest Gear By Mike Vieria There’s no doubt that modern UTVs are getting faster, stronger and more off-road capable. As Original Equipment manufacturers continue to push the levels of performance and durability, UTV owners are always wanting to add gear and components to makes these vehicles more personalized for a specific use. Numerous aftermarket companies fill that need, and continue to make a multitude of products that helps take your UTV and your experience with it, to the next level. RUGGED RADIOS COMPLETE COMMUNICATION KIT FOR CAN-AM X3 Rugged Radios’ Complete Communication Kit for the Can-Am X3 provides everything you need for easy talk between passengers via intercom or communication with other vehicles, making phone calls, and streaming music via Bluetooth. The kit includes a choice of intercoms, two helmet kits, intercom cables, Push-To-Talk buttons for driver and passenger, Business Band or GMRS mobile radio, long-range antenna, coaxial cable, mounts, active filter, and cable ties. MSRP starts at $1,538.00. COMPLETE COMMUNICATION KIT FOR POLARIS RZR Rugged Radios’ Complete Communication Kit for the Polaris RZR provides everything you need for easy talk between passengers via intercom or communication with other vehicles, making phone calls, and streaming music via Bluetooth. The kit includes a choice of intercoms, two helmet kits, intercom cables, Push-To-Talk buttons for driver and passenger, Business Band or GMRS mobile radio, long-range antenna, coaxial cable, mounts, active filter, and cable ties. MSRP starts at $1,493.00. MAC AIR TWO-PERSON HELMET AIR PUMPER SYSTEM Rugged Radios’ MAC Air Two-Person Helmet Air Pumper System allows you to instantly adjust your flow of cool, dust-free air for the situation with a variable speed controller. System features include the controller, a dual filtering design, two hose outlets, expandable hoses, washable, dry media air filters, a high-duty cycle motor, a universal clamp for mounting on most bars, a power cord, and connector, and an injection-molded ABS polymer housing. The compact, lightweight system provides high pressure, high speed, and filtered airflow to match your needs. MSRP is $260.00. AGM MANUAL JACK AGM’s Manual Jack 2.0 allows you to lift your UTV in seconds. The jack weighs just 11 pounds and provides 17 inches of external height adjustment and 14 inches of travel. It features a quick-release height clamp to adjust the lift point easily and a concave, no-sink foot pad that allows lifting on any terrain. Choose from a universal hook for general lifting or weld-on jack points to lock the jack to your vehicle. The jack has a 3,000-pound capacity. MSRP is $979.00.    AGM EXR FUEL TANK FOR POLARIS RZR PRO R AGM’s EXR Fuel Tank for Polaris RZR Pro R models provides an additional 11 gallons of capacity to nearly double your range. The tanks require no welding to install and keep your stock fuel system intact. They are easy to mount or remove with basic tools, and the tank sits low in the vehicle to preserve handling traits. It includes a battery kill switch for extra protection against vehicle theft and preserving the battery when UTV is not in use. MSRP is $1,199.00. RAPID ROPE AGM’s Rapid Rope makes towing quicker and safer with integrated, 10-inch soft shackles, eliminating the need for extra hardware and avoiding the risks of metal hooks. The 3/8-inch diameter rope has a 30-foot length and a maximum break strength of 17,600 pounds. MSRP is $89.99. AMSOIL OIL CHANGE KIT FOR POLARIS Amsoil’s Oil Change Kits provide everything you need for an oil change on your Polaris UTV or ATV, including an oil filter that exceeds OE standards and proper quantities of 5W-50 synthetic oil for maximum protection against wear. MSRP starts at $44.25. SYNTHETIC 10W-40 SYNTHETIC OIL Amsoil’s 10W-40 Synthetic Oil is specially formulated for UTVs and ATVs to resist oxidation, to provide maximum protection, and to minimize wear in extreme heat. It helps keep shrouded engines cool and is wet-clutch compatible. MSRP is $17.09 per quart. SYNTHETIC POWERTRAIN FLUID Amsoil’s Synthetic Powertrain Fluid is purpose-built for Polaris vehicles and provides maximum protection and performance in the most demanding conditions. The unique formulation allows for use in the transmission/differential and front drives and provides excellent cold-flow characteristics in addition to extreme heat protection. MSRP is $19.09 per quart. BLACK RHINO PERFORMANCE DRIVE BELT BAG Black Rhino’s Moto Pockets Drive Belt Bag provides clean, easy storage and access for belts and changing tools. An extension zipper allows the bag to carry up to 3 belts, and the double-zipper closure allows easy access. Elastic bands keep tools in place and organized. The durable vinyl bag is black with an orange interior, has two carry handles, and attaches to your UTV with hook and loop fasteners. The bag measures 10 x 20 x 2 inches (or 5 inches high when expanded.) MSRP is $89.00. UNIVERSAL STORAGE BAGS Black Rhino’s Moto Pockets Storage Bag comes in a  11x9 and 14x6 sizes that are made with water-repellent, abrasion-resistant 600 denier nylon. It features exterior front netting for extra storage, a padded back, double zipper pulls, and a carry handle. The bag attaches with a high-temperature hook and loop fasteners. Available in black or high-visibility colors. MSRP $35 and $40.00. DPI RACE SERIES SUSPENSION KIT FOR POLARIS RZR PRO R HCR’s Race Series Suspension Kit for the Polaris RZR Pro R is designed to provide ultimate strength and clearance. It is constructed with internally gusseted and braced HCR proprietary Elite alloy that›s 30% stronger than 4130 Chromoly. The kit includes adjustable upper control arms, lower control arms providing 3 inches of additional ground clearance, trailing arms providing 2 inches of extra clearance, and 4130 Chromoly billet receiver ends. The kit maintains its original geometry and width and uses OE ball joints and a toe link. MSRP starts at $6,499.99. HIGH CLEARANCE LOWER A-ARM KIT FOR CAN-AM MAVERICK R HCR’s High Clearance Lower Front A-Arm Kit for the Can-Am Maverick R provides over 3 inches of additional ground clearance while maintaining its original width. It is constructed with HCR›s proprietary Elite alloy material for maximum strength and wear resistance. Integrated skid plates prevent rocks from lodging between the front and rear portions of the arms. The kit includes two lower A-arms and all necessary hardware. A variety of powder coat colors are available. MSRP starts at $1,899.99.  50-FOOT WINCH LINE DPI offers VooDoo Offroad’s 50-Foot Green Winch Line that is 86% lighter than a steel cable. The ¼-inch plasma synthetic fiber line is 12-strand, single-braid nylon and is water, UV, and abrasion-resistant. The winch line is engineered not to kink for smoother spooling and ease of use. The rope is rated at a 9,700-pound capacity. MSRP is $59.95. FACTORY UTV   FRONT INTRUSION BAR FOR 2024 POLARIS Factory UTV’s Front Intrusion Bar for the 2024+ Polaris RZR XP is constructed with 1 ¼-inch V-bars and a 1 ½-inch dash bar to provide added protection, stability, and style for your vehicle. The welded steel unit is finished in a black powder coat and bolts to the OE roll cage easily. MSRP is $375.00. REAR BUMPER FOR POLARIS RZR TURBO R Factory UTV’s Rear Bumper for the Polaris RZR Turbo R is constructed of mild steel tubing for light weight and strength and is finished in a durable black powder coat. The bumper fits without modification using existing mounting locations and includes all necessary hardware. MSRP is $422.29. UHMW A-ARM GUARDS FOR CAN-AM MAVERICK Factory UTV’s UHMW A-Arm Guards for the Can-Am Maverick are designed to offer the best in protection. Molded to fit the Maverick’s A-arms from ultra-tough and slick UHMW, the guards provide sturdy, lightweight defense against damage in rough terrain. MSRP is $269.00 per set. FACTOR 55 ST. ANTHONY POWERSPORTS RECOVERY KIT Factor 55’s St. Anthony Powersports Recovery Kit includes the essentials to recover a machine safely in a non-winching situation. The kit includes two 10-inch soft shackles, a kinetic rope, a recovery guide, strap wraps, and a premium canvas recovery gear bag, all made in the USA. The kit folds flat when unzipped to allow easy access to your equipment. MSRP is $464.00. HEMINGWAY POWERSPORTS RECOVERY KIT Factor 55’s Hemingway Powersports Recovery Kit includes everything for UTV recovery in winching and non-winching situations. The USA-made equipment includes a Crosby shackle, a 10-inch extreme-duty soft shackle, a 10-inch standard-duty shackle, a tree saver, HitchLink, tow strap, kinetic rope, rope retention pulley, strap wraps, winching guide, and a premium canvas gear bag. The kit folds flat when unzipped to allow easy access to equipment. MSRP is $997.00. XTV WINCH SHACKLES Factor 55’s XTV Winch Shackles offer choices for your specific winching needs with the ProLink XTV, FlatLink XTV, and UltraHook XTV. All are USA-made and are compatible with steel or synthetic rope. They are constructed of CNC-machined aluminum and are available in various powder coat colors. MSRP starts at $130.00 each. FORTIN RACING OPEN FRONT DIFFERENTIAL FOR POLARIS PRO R Fortin Racing’s Open Front Differential for the Polaris Pro R uses similar technology to Fortin’s Smart-Lok differential for the Can-Am X3 to create an open differential 100% of the time. Modified with your own OEM differential, the upgrades include the removal of the locking mechanism, a billet side cover, tapered roller bearings, and a pinion lock nut. The kit fits OEM stub axles. Call Fortin for pricing. UTV SPRAG Fortin Racing’s UTV Sprag for the Can-Am X3 provides better handling characteristics and allows for true front and rear brake bias adjustments. The compact drive coupling mechanically locks to drive the front differential when under power and decouples while coasting. The unit can replace the X3 driveshaft carrier bearing. Call Fortin for pricing. PR3 2.0 POWER STEERING RACK Fortin Racing’s PR3 Power Steering Rack for the Can-Am X3 uses a one-piece, billet ram housing, along with aerospace-quality heat-treated alloy rack and pinion gear, and heat-treated stainless piston shafts for corrosion resistance and maximum strength. The horizontally mounted rack replaces the OEM X3 electric steering rack with a stronger, lighter option for vehicles with 33-inch or smaller tires. Call Fortin for pricing. GARMIN TREAD – SxS EDITION NAVIGATOR Garmin’s Tread - SxS Edition Navigator is designed for powersports use to provide all the trail information and communications you’ll need in a rugged, water-resistant unit. It provides group tracking for up to 20 riders, turn-by-turn trail navigation, and satellite imagery on an 8-inch, glove-friendly touchscreen. InReach technology allows satellite communication, text messaging, and location sharing. MSRP is $1,499.99. TREAD – BASE EDITION NAVIGATOR Garmin’s Tread - Base Edition Navigator is designed for all-terrain use with a rugged, water-resistant case and a 5.5-inch, glove-friendly touchscreen. It offers turn-by-turn trail navigation, topographic maps, and satellite imagery views. It includes a mount and wiring harness. MSRP is $599.99. TREAD XL – BAJA RACE EDITION NAVIGATOR Garmin’s Tread XL - Baja Race Edition Navigator is designed for high-speed Baja racing, providing the tracking and communications technology necessary for competition. Built-in inReach technology gives live positions of race vehicles and chase vehicles, GPX course file compatibility allows a full view of the course features, and pre-running tools allow custom pace notes for efficient course planning. The unit features an ultra-bright 10-inch touchscreen display and comes preloaded with northern Baja Peninsula satellite imagery, with other high-resolution imagery that is easily downloadable. Designed for rugged use, the unit is IP67-rated for dust and water resistance. MSRP is $2,499.99. HMF RACING HMF EXHAUST SYSTEMS FOR POLARIS RZR TURBO R HMF’s Exhaust Systems for the Polaris RZR Turbo R are available in single Slip-On, single Turbo-Back, or Dual Full Turbo-Back styles. All are constructed of stainless-steel and designed to increase airflow and performance while providing an aggressive low sound and improved throttle response by keeping the turbo spooled up. Available in various colors, with a durable ceramic-coated finish, and in quiet or loud sound choices. MSRP starts at $549.95. HMF EXHAUST SYSTEMS FOR POLARIS RZR PRO R HMF’s Exhaust Systems for the Polaris RZR Pro R are available in a Dual Slip-On Design to improve performance, durability, and improved exhaust tone. The lightweight system uses two 12-inch stainless steel mufflers. Available with a choice of quiet or load exhaust sound and in various finish colors. MSRP starts at $949.95. HMF TWIN LOOP EXHAUST SYSTEM FOR POLARIS RZR XP HMF’s Twin Loop Exhaust System for the Polaris RZR XP maintains stock power levels while allowing quieter running by 8-10dB than stock silencers. The slip-on system retains the stock headpipe and uses two Titan-QS silencers in series to create more capacity to trap and absorb exhaust sound pulses. MSRP starts at $949.95.   KC HILITES GRAVITY PRO6 LED LIGHT BAR KIT FOR POLARIS RZR KC HiLites’ 39-inch Pro6 Gravity Light Bar for Polaris RZR Turbo R and Pro XP  and RZR Pro R for Polaris RZR models are bolt-on kits engineered to fit the factory roll cage. They feature 6 Gravity LED Pro6 lights in driving and wide beam patterns for long-distance and peripheral visibility. The lights use Gravity Reflective Diode Technology for maximum output and precise beam control. The patented Infinity Ring System secures the lamps together for a rigid fit, allowing individual beam choices and adjustability. Overhead mounting brackets, protective covers, and a complete wiring kit are included. MSRP is $1,629.99 for Turbo R/Pro XP and $1,649.99 for Pro R. GRAVITY PRO6 LED LIGHT BAR KIT FOR CAN-AM MAVERICK X3 KC HiLites’ 45-Inch Pro6 Gravity Light Bar for Can-Am Maverick X3 models is a bolt-on kit engineered to fit the factory roll cage. It features 7 Gravity Pro6 lights in driving and wide beam patterns for long-distance and peripheral visibility. The lights use Gravity Reflective Diode Technology for maximum output and precise beam control. The patented Infinity Ring System secures the lamps together for a rigid fit, allowing individual beam choices and adjustability. Overhead mounting brackets, protective covers, wiring harness and switch are included. MSRP is $1,949.99. PCI RACE RADIOS TRAX STEREO COMPLETE COMMUNICATIONS PACKAGE PCI Race Radio’s Trax Stereo Complete Communications Package  for the Can-Am X3 provides music and communication between passengers, other vehicles, or over the phone. It features a Trax Plus stereo intercom, an ICOM F5021 or Kenwood NX-1700 mobile radio, all necessary cables, a Can-Am Pillar Replacement Bracket, mounts, and a Kenwood KLF Power Filter. Optional Digital Signal Processing removes all noise for clear communication. MSRP starts at $1,849.99. RACEAIR BOOST PACKAGE PCI’s Raceair Boost Package provides a high volume of forced air to keep dust from your helmet and prevent your visor from fogging. It features a variable speed control, lightweight billet housing, two air outlets, and a brushless DC motor. Mounts are available for roll bars of various sizes and can be fitted upside down or sideways. It includes a pre-filter and a filter. An optional remote control with a 10-ft. cable is available. MSRP starts at $599.99. SAVAGE UTV REVOLVE SPARE TIRE STORAGE CASE Savage UTV’s Revolve Spare Tire Storage Case fits into the center of your spare tire. It can be configured to hold various tools and equipment safely and securely with two layers of customizable foam inserts, along with your spare belts. From first aid kits to impact drivers and just about everything in between, the durable 1680D nylon-shell case with its outer zipper protects your cargo from dust and moisture. The case fits into the outer ring of the spare wheel and is secured with any “Y” strap. MSRP starts at $119.95. THERMO TEC   ADHESIVE BACKED HEAT BARRIER Thermo Tec’s Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier protects any surface from the damaging effects of radiant heat. Constructed of woven silica with a flexible aluminized finish, the reflective side of the barrier withstands radiant temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees F, and the adhesive-backed side can handle direct and continuous temperatures of up to 300 degrees F. The 5-inch x 20-inch barrier has an MSRP of $10.48. CLAMP-ON HEAT SHIELD Thermo Tec’s Clamp-On Heat Shield blocks more than 95 percent of damaging radiant heat from the exhaust. The 3-foot x 6-inch shield uses proprietary coating technology and comes with all stand-offs and clamps. Also available in smaller sizes. MSRP is $107.70. THERMO TEC   EXPRESS SLEEVE HEAT SLEEVE Thermo Tec’s Express Sleeve provides maximum protection to wires, hoses, and cables from the damaging effects of radiant heat. The highly reflective Mylar foil withstands ambient temperatures up to 2,000 degrees F and uses a hook and loop closure for easy installation and removal. Sleeves are available in ½-inch to 1-inch diameter, 1-inch to 1 1/2 diameter, and 3, 12, and 50-foot lengths. MSRP starts at $37.86.   UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS UMP POLARIS RZR PRO R INTAKE KIT Unique Metal Products’ Intake Kit for the Polaris Pro R is a bolt-in replacement for the stock intake. It uses a canister-style filter that uses airflow to act as a self-cleaning dust separation unit. A newly designed evacuation system removes more dust before it reaches the filter element, providing greater protection and longer service intervals. It includes a premium Donaldson element that provides 99.9% dust retention. Available in Race Kit, including a scoop to eliminate fender plumbing or Play Kit versions. MSRP starts at $520.00. WEDDLE INDUSTRIES ARCTIC CAT SUPER DIFFERENTIAL Weddle Industries’ Arctic Cat Super Diff is designed as the ultimate solution to front differential failures. It uses four spider gears to replace the OE 2 gears to provide strength and reliability under severe driving conditions. The ring gear is also relocated for better durability and adjustability. Call Weddle Industries for pricing. CAN-AM PINION BEARING NUT UPGRADE Weddle Industries’ Can-Am Pinion Bearing Nut Upgrade allows a double-row ball-bearing assembly to replace the OE single row, providing better lateral support to the pinion shaft to reduce the load on the needle bearing. They are designed to prevent failure and extend the life of differentials in severe and racing use. The upgrade fits Smart-Lok and Visco-Lok front differentials without modification. Call Weddle Industries for pricing. POLARIS GEARBOX RACE PREP  Weddle Industries offers Gearbox Race Prep for the Polaris Pro R, including hand polishing, shot peening, and REM polishing of all critical gears in the transmission and differentials. Additionally, shims are added, when needed, to shafts for stability and to limit deflection. Clutch packs are measured and adjusted for proper breakaway torque. Call Weddle Industries for pricing. ZOLLINGER RACING PRODUCTS DOUBLE SHEAR FRONT KNUCKLES FOR CAN-AM X3 ZRP’s Double Shear Front Knuckles for the Can-Am X3 are designed to stand up to the most demanding terrain. Constructed from USA 7075 billet aluminum and double-capped for increased durability and rock protection, the knuckles are lab-tested to 86,000 pounds versus the OE 17,000 pounds. Knuckles work only with 7/8 uniball and are incompatible with standard ball-joint A-arms. MSRP is $2,999.00 per set. DOUBLE SHEAR REAR KNUCKLES FOR CAN-AM X3 ZRP’s Double Shear Rear Knuckles for the Can-Am X3 are nearly five times stronger than OE, providing maximum strength to the middle radius rod. They are constructed with USA 7075-T6 aluminum with Teflon-lined spherical bearings for strength and durability. MSRP is $1,999.00 per set. CAPPED BILLET REAR KNUCKLES FOR POLARIS RZR ZRP’s Capped Billet Rear Knuckles for the Polaris RZR are constructed with USA 7075-T6 aluminum and have more than three times the strength to avoid bearing push-out than stock knuckles. They are designed with threaded caps and additional cross-sections to withstand the rigors of racing. MSRP is $1,499.00 per set.

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