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WOMEN LEADING THE WAY There have been many women in off-road racing, many of whom have been inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, and who have a history with SCORE winning races. But while these women are exceptional, they inspire many more not to be afraid to enter the sport.  More recently, women have been entering and competing in SCORE across many classes. Although we wanted to talk to all of the current women racers for inclusion in this issue, we could only get in touch with a few, as many are busy with their work and daily lives. Of those we were able to speak with, however, we discovered they were inspired by their family members who have raced off-road, and now they want to carry on the family tradition. Others were inspired by current women racers such as Kristen Matlock, Sara Price, Viry Felix, and Shelby Reid. All exceptional women who have risen to the top by winning races and championships in SCORE.  In one of my many conversations with Kristen Matlock over the years of creating SCORE Journal, one of the things that stands out is her willingness to share her experiences and offer advice to the many young women competing in off-road racing for the first time. She and her husband Wayne, also make sure to give back to the people and children of Baja.  That not only makes her a competitor, but also an advocate for women in the sport, and a true off-road racer. As she has told me several times in my interviews with her and in other interviews with the media, winning races is great, but as a woman, it also comes with some responsibility to encourage others to compete. She understands this need for more women to be involved in the sport, and in doing so, many continue to approach her to gain some of her wisdom.  It’s always great to see people, especially young people, get involved in off-road racing. It helps to ensure the sport continues for another 50 years. But as more of the younger generation entering the sport are also women, there’s some anticipation and hope to know that there will soon be more women winning SCORE races and championships.  

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