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STITCH SOLUTIONS |||| by JENNIFER COX The risk/reward continuum… Going For It: Stories of Success S ucceeding as a business owner in the embroidery and apparel decoration industries, as in all Jennifer Cox is a co-founder of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals industries, requires that you occasionally just (NNEP), a professional organization for business owners to share best practices, have to go for it. Being a successful business owner ideas, sources, solutions, volume buying benefits and services. Cox is recognized means being willing to take risks. Even if it means a as one of the industry's "Most Creative Thinkers" and repeatedly ranks in the top project might fail—you might lose money, it might 40 on the industry's "Power List." NNEP is 15 years strong, and supports nearly not work out or you might make a mistake—you are 1,000 independent embroiderers and apparel decorators as they grow their dream willing to try something new. The reality is that some businesses. Reach her at, or go to ideas will fail, will cause you to lose some money, will not work out and some will be mistakes. The key to at their businesses and decided to try someyour success lies in what you learn from your mistakes and then how you apply them when thing new or different in order to take their you try again, doing it differently and better to get the results you want. business where they want it to go. As a national organization supporting nearly one thousand businesses in embroidery and Let me share a few of their stories, and apparel decoration, we hear about all sorts of situations where a business owner has taken a maybe, just maybe, you will find the kerrisk. Some of the risks have been huge and some appear to be minor. Yet all of these stories nel of an idea that you can apply in your of a risk taken impress and amaze us. These business owners have taken a good hard look Taking calculated risks, such as adding new decoration capabilities, is part of running a successful business. (Image courtesy Lynn Rhoades, LCD Embroidery) 68 | Printwear PW_Sept13.indd 68 September 2013 8/15/13 1:08 PM

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