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Vulnerability Data User Identification Endpoint Protection Device Details System Interactions Threat Reputation Geo-Location Intelligent Security Mgmt. Global Malware Protection Security Connected NextGeneration Intrusion Prevention Unparalleled Threat Protection Performance & Scalability Visibility & Control Network Security Platform ANALYSIS EXTENSIONS CENTRALIZED SECURITY & RISK MANAGEMENT GLOBAL THREAT INTELLIGENCE equals one security event. With the need to identify stealthy and zero-day threats based on behavior, tens or even hundreds of alerts are needed to define one security event. Legacy IPS systems built with the assumption that one alert equals one security event are driven by interfaces that list alerts as they come in, one on top of the other, the newest alert going on top. "Even with the sheer volume of attack alerts, which is accelerating, this model would be overwhelming to most security operators. But when you consider the complication of having to aggregate and correlate related alerts to build the evidence for one stealthy security event, the task becomes all but impossible," said Smith. McAfee Network Security Platform release 7.5 automatically correlates alerts and highlights the events they indicate. Underlying details such as individual alerts and packet-level forensics are still there when operators need to drill down. This VISIBILITY EXTENSIONS approach maximizes the operators' ability to find and stop attacks. It also significantly reduces the time and effort needed to do this, meaning security operators are free to focus on other pressing needs, and operational costs go down. Because networks will remain attractive targets, McAfee Network Security Platform release 7.5 ultimately is an investment in both the present and the future. The network is the main point where today's attacks occur, and it's the last place where organizations can afford to cut corners. ABOVE Figure 2: Contextual awareness tools. GO TO INTEL® SOFTWARE ADRENALINE FOR MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS ONE. > I nte l ® S of tware Ad renal i ne 5

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