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Connecting and Optimizing the Security Endpoints

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BELOW Figure 1: Start, run, and stay secure principles. "The complexity of security is the enemy of security. It certainly costs more when you deploy more security, and managing that security becomes more complex. However, we've optimized security management to enable better protection while lowering costs because as tools are more integrated, it becomes less expensive to manage," said Ed Metcalf, director of product marketing at McAfee. Creating a plan that improves protection requires a security connected framework to optimize security management and centralize risk mitigation. "We've been building on our decades of proven securities practices to provide this new connected approach," said Metcalf. "We want to help organizations clear the path from the concept of security to implementing a way for them to manage the risk and deploy security products more efficiently and effectively." In a collaborative role to the creation and strengthening of this framework, Intel's hardware-enhanced security technologies are built on the principles of start secure, run secure, and stay secure (see Figure 1) so that users have a safe, engaging, and productive computing experience. Stay Secure Hardware acceleration for security processing that enables ease of use. Apps, Browsers, and Operating Systems Run Secure Hardware enforced and maintained execution environments. Security Acceleration Isolated Execution Environments Start Secure Hardware protection built into start-up processes to ensure system integrity. 2 I nte l ® Sof t w are Adren al ine Protected Boot, Resume, and Wake By building on a foundation of security engineered directly into Intel® processors and chipsets that target anti-malware, identity, data protection, and recovery, McAfee has taken advantage of these hardware-enhanced security technologies to build differentiated security solutions that are part of the extensive line-up of the security solutions within this framework. KEY ELEMENTS OF THE FRAMEWORK McAfee's security connected framework combines a network of protection services—utilizing software and Intel's hardware-enhanced security technologies— with a streamlined data management system. This framework creates a nearseamless integration of products, services, and partnerships that help reduce risk to the enterprise. You can protect devices and data assets while embracing new products across the entire IT system. A key element of the framework lies in the network itself and includes firewalls, access controls, and behavioral analysis (see Figure 2). These tools use contextual information and deep, layered content analysis to support network protection. Threats and unwanted resource access can be countered with real-time threat awareness tools, industry-best instruction prevention methods, and a fully optimized management platform. Also important to the framework is information security. A company's most precious asset is data, and knowing where that data is and exactly who has access to it at any given time is crucial. McAfee's framework provides that insight and shielding of data—both within and outside the organization—while defending against inbound threats. Encryptions,

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