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Connecting and Optimizing the Security Endpoints

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Learn more about Intel® Active Management Technology > passwords are generated by an embedded processor on the chipset that is isolated from the OS and thus considerably more tamper-resistant. Because these capabilities exist at the hardware level, any potential malware or rootkits on the mobile devices cannot compromise this added security. SECURING DATA PROTECTION Data protection helps ensure that information doesn't leave the owner's control without approval. The Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Instruction set is included on many generations of Intel® architecture to accelerate the decompression of securely bundled data. This capability eliminates unencrypted storage arrays on employees' computers, and gives a peace of mind to IT managers for their traveling enterprise-network users. Intel® Secure Key technology allows for even stronger cryptography by starting the entropy of the encryption at the hardware level with a random number generator. McAfee Endpoint Encryption works with this hardware-enhanced security technology to enable the technology in the security connected framework. Intel® Active Management Technology, aided by the ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) Deep Command™, allows for remote hardware-level keyboard, mouse, and video emulation to allow for quicker system repair and remote management. IT staff will also be able to automatically and remotely update and recover compromised firmware and BIOS to known good configurations without requiring an on-site visit to the device. "McAfee ePO is the single pane of glass used to manage all the security on all the devices, whether they're tablets, smartphones, PCs, or servers. Security administrators use the McAfee ePO console to manage everything and connect things together," said Metcalf. CONCLUSION The McAfee security connected framework offers a dynamic set of security products and security management tools that combine into one cohesive global threat intelligence. The merging of the software framework and Intel hardware-enhanced security technologies allows IT managers and engineers to more easily develop responses to security threats in real-time and provides an open platform that allows for shared intelligence between all connected endpoints. GETTING TO A QUICK RECOVERY Another major focus for both Intel and McAfee is enabling hardware-enhanced security features that keep systems consistently updated with the latest security software and helping IT teams quickly restore systems that might have been damaged in an attack. 6 I nte l ® Sof t w are Adren al ine Learn more about the McAfee security connected framework. > More information about Intel and McAfee hardware-enhanced security. > GO TO INTEL® SOFTWARE ADRENALINE FOR MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS ONE. >

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