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From Software to Substrate |||| Using the warp type and effect tools, we select the bulge window in order to try to match the original type closely. For the outline, we add a few strokes in another color on an additional layer to get it very close to the original. Note here that the warp and bulge options, when followed by a stroke tool, can put the art off a bit in the corners. Make sure to fix those areas, just as we did here. To fine-tune some of these areas, convert the type to outlines. We zoom in closely and use the direct selection tool to grab the corners and pull them until they look correct, then repeat this on all of the other corners. For the Elizabeth cheerleaders, we ran this entire exercise again with a different font for the "cheerleader" type that matches the original very closely. Finally, we add the 2013 with what looked to be a font close enough without modification. The client requested an additional cheerleader shape for the top of the design. A Google search revealed a suitable picture for reference. Using the pen tool to grab an edge, we click around the image, slowly filling in the shape as we go until we make it all the way around, clicking on the last anchor point to complete the rough shape. To clean it up and fine-tune it, we go back and add additional smooth anchor points to round out or soften the rough edges. There was a little back-and-forth with the customer—add pompoms, delete pompoms… can we see it on red, black, white and aqua marine?—you know the drill. But we finally came away with a design ready for seps. For proofing, we create colored boxes, then duplicate the final design, which we'll place on those squares. We're sure to change image colors where appropriAfter fine tuning the design, and some back-and-forth with the customer about what they wanted, we were ready to go to press. The glitter was a big hit with the cheer squad. 18 | Printwear PW_OCT13.indd 18 continued on page 107 October 2013 9/17/13 8:48 AM

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