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Roland_BN_Blacklisted_PW.pdf 1 8/2/13 2:42 PM halftones can decorate dark shirts without the polymer background of legacy Color Laser transfer papers. Together, the OKI 711WT and the new transfer papers make a perfect system for a small decorator to produce high-quality UV decoration without investing in screen printing or digital direct-to-garment. The newest of the breed is a two-part A & B paper system. The A sheet is imaged in the 711WT printer with a slight adjustment to the white toner density accessed through the printer's LED screen. The A sheet is fed through the multi-purpose or bypass tray of the 711WT. Once the A sheet is imaged, it is mated with a white booster sheet (the B sheet) and is pressed together with the imaged A sheet using a Teflon pillow or cushion on the heat press at 275°F for about one minute. After a short cool-down period of about three minutes, the A and B sheets are stripped apart, revealing the completed heat transfer. This process simply fortifies the white toner image to ensure better opacity. The fortified transfer is then placed white-sidedown and applied to a prepressed shirt for 15 seconds at 265°F on a normal heat transfer press. Once the shirt has cooled to the touch, the A transfer is peeled from the garment. A final re-press with a silicone sheet for 15 seconds seals the image and increases wash-fastness. The new transfer products for darks require high and even pressure to adequately affix the finished transfer to the fabric. So, don't expect an inexpensive clam or auto clam to be appropriate for these transfers. If done properly, utilizing the OKI 711WT and a good swing away press, you can expect to give your customers what the visionaries who invented the process saw in their crystal ball—a full color decoration on a dark shirt without the complexity and cost of screen or digital printing. pw C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Use Info # 188 2013 October Printwear PW_OCT13 Ads.indd 27 | 27 9/18/13 12:46 PM

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