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For instance, says Sanders, the intention of corporate clients are rarely to get referrals. "A lot of corporate clients look for thank-you items or incentives for their employees. Although these goods may generate referrals, it is not what they're specifically trying to do." Instead he says, they can be used to motivate employees with vouchers for days without an incident on site or as a thank you for a particularly successful quarter. As such, the perceived quality of these products are extremely important, and relevant goods that reflect employees' day-to-day life will help solidify programs such as these. Conversely, gifts used to solicit referrals, such as cleaning cloths from a repair company, are, by design, lower-priced items that show appreciation for business while reminding the end-user of services. Determining these differences will have a big impact on products you pitch, as well as the overall effect of the particular imprinted product. Taking the time to fully understand these needs creates the most successful campaigns. And, if a specific product or product line is unknown to you, take the time to learn about it, as opposed to including it at the client's request. As Sanders points out, clients will most likely be accommodating while you look into an item, and will appreciate the honesty and effort displayed as well. Another option for ensuring the best collection of products, stresses Harris, is utilizing your supplier. "I am an expert in the field of my product line and I don't feel that distributors use me enough." Indeed, no one knows the available products more than those selling them. To take advantage of this, Harris encourages asking suppliers to be a part of trade show booths, end-user meetings or even corporate events. This not only helps build the relationship between your business and its supplier, but increases your business' credibility to clients. So, whether looking to increase your profits, expand your reach or offer customers everything they never knew they wanted, promotional products help to fill the ticket. Take the time to understand the unfamiliar, stay educated on popular products, and see how the promotional products market opens a world of opportunities for some promotion of your own. pw 2013 October Printwear PW_OCT13.indd 33 | 33 9/17/13 9:09 AM

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