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Use Info # 79 From a five-panel trucker cap to military-style headwear, it's easy to see how different our vertical decoration area can be from the aspect our logos require. (Image courtesy Celeste Schwartz)

 ement beside upscaled text. It will fill the space more completely and makes for a more legible presentation at what I call the 'handshake distance,' that is, the average distance people maintain between each other during handshakes, which is around 3 feet. Show customers how much more visible their message can be when it is arranged in a way that takes the best advantage of a cap's geography, and it's more likely to overcome any resistance to the alteration of their design. This also applies to explaining a detail reduction. When sizing an ornate design for caps, you may have to eliminate details too small to reproduce. Explain the smallest size text that can be rendered, the thinnest lines and smallest voids that will Use Info # 275 2013 October Printwear PW_OCT13 Ads.indd 57 | 57 9/18/13 12:05 PM

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