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p - reproduce, and it doesn't hurt to mention the handshake distance when you do. Customers often make more viable decisions once they have the information it takes to make the call. It's also critical to remember that the available decoration area varies by cap style. A five-panel "trucker" cap allows for more vertical space than a standard six-panel structured cap. Designs should be a bit smaller on unconstructed headwear and on military caps, especially those with thick horizontal seams in their crown's construction. These may have a decoration area similar to a visor, leaving little more than half the vertical space of a six-panel constructed cap. When a customer is selecting their headwear, make sure to point out the differ- ences. You may choose to create a 'decoration area template' for your commonly purchased caps that shows customers the measure of useful space that you feel comfortable decorating. Having a physical representation of the space in hand can really bring the point home, and having such in print as worksheet can help the customer to visualize your suggestions with a simple sketch of the layout. Placement Another difficulty we face concerns design placement. This comes in hot on the heels of trouble with aspect, wherein we have to find a way to make a small, overly-detailed or awkwardly-aspected designs look good and maintain impact on caps. In most instances, we can accommodate custom- ers with off-center placements, additional decoration on side panels, or by relocating very small text to over-the-arch or cap-side placements. And then there are customers who have been inspired by retail-styled caps, where designs span across the cap from the crown to the bill, or those that stretch over the entirety of several panels, from brim to button. Admittedly, we are lucky to have suppliers able to achieve all of these designs… given a large enough minimum order and the proper lead time. At times, contracting out that labor is the best way to handle such requests. When a customer can foot the bill, wants a large enough batch, and can wait for the product, the options available to us through headwear manufacturers who embroider the cap's Now a Better Way to Sell Online! New! EASY Web Stores for all Teams, Schools, Leagues, Clubs, Groups... new store Launch aminutes! in JUST 15 Open UNLIMITED stores - No Additional Costs No website or developer expertise needed Take orders and collect payments online For Only $29/mo - $99 set-up (one-time) UNLIMITED Stores AGPeSOLUTIONS.COM CALL 800-809-0719 - SOLUTIONS Use Info # 279 Use Info # 37 2013 October Printwear PW_OCT13 Ads.indd 59 | 59 9/18/13 12:00 PM

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