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BETTER THAN VELLUM ™ (just uglier.) Caseys' Translucency™ This is printed on Caseys' Translucency, a vellum-like material especially designed for you — the screen printer — to make inexpensive positives direct from your laser printer or copier. Why so ugly? Our Translucency appears yellow because we've taken out the brighteners that create the white color, and also block ultra violet light from penetrating the paper. It's uglier, but it's better. Trial 5 $ Pack Caseys' Laser Film™ This is a high-quality polyester designed for laser printers and copiers. Screenprinters use Laser Film when they need to tile large areas which require the physical strength of polyester. Pad Printers use Laser Film as an inexpensive alternative to using a camera. Caseys' Ultra Black™ Caseys' Ultra Black is an aerosol spray which darkens toner and allows you to burn better screens. Just print an image from a laser printer or copy machine then lightly spray with our Ultra Black. The dry toner will dissolve and flow to fill the tiny pinholes. Filling these pinholes will make the blacks more opaque with a dot gain of less than 3%. Ultra Black is not designed for use with ink-jet printers. Caseys' Clear Ink-Jet Film™ This is a high-quality polyester film designed for liquid ink (Ink-Jet) printers using Photographic Dye-Based ink. Screenprinters use Ink-Jet Film as a positive for burning a screen. Note: Ink-Jet Film is over three times as expensive as our Translucency. If you have a choice, use a laser printer for printing screen positives. Caseys' Translucency distributed by… U.S.A. — Arizona (Tubelite), California (Mc Logan Supply, California Sign Supplies), Colorado (Imprints Wholesale), Florida (Rutland, Tubelite, TW Graphics), Hawaii (NSN Hawaii), Illinois (Atlas Screen Supply Company, Nazdar - Chicago), Indiana (Tubelite), Iowa (SPSI), Kentucky (One Stroke Inks, Wolf Printables, Inc.), Michigan (One Stop), Minnesota (SPSI), New Jersey (Nazdar), North Carolina (Nazdar, Texsource, Inc., Tubelite), Ohio (Nazdar, Rutland, Tubelite), Pennsylvania (Wiper Supply Company, Wild Side North), Puerto Rico (Carribbean Sign Supply), Tennessee (Tubelite), Texas (McBee Supply), Washington (Shur-Loc Fabric Systems), Wisconsin (SPSI, Valley Litho Supply) International — Canada (INK 4, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto), El Salvador (Nebiera, San Savador), Guatemala (Serishop, Guatemala City), Japan (Yoshikawa Chemical Company, Osaka), Philippines (FUM International, Inc., Manila), Puerto Rico (Carribbean Sign Supply, San Juan), Spain (Impression Process, S.L. Tecno Screen, Malaga), Call 1-800-544-5620 or 303-220-1463 • fax 303-220-1477 Caseys' Page Mill, Ltd. • 6528 South Oneida Court • Centennial, Colorado • 80111-4617 • USA Use INFO #42 Full Page.indt 1 Use INFO #42 20080111 Since 1986 3/16/10 10:23 AM

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