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Common Threads 2800 West Midway Blvd., Broomfield, Colorado, 80020 (800) 669-0424 • (303) 469-0424 • FAX (303) 469-5730 |||| Publisher Stacy MARSHALL Question Everything Editor In Chief Emily Kay THOMPSON Associate Fashion Editor Carly Hollman-Long C uriosity is the cornerstone of success. It is what drives industry and innovation. It is the common thread between all industries, and even the entire point of others—researchers, engineers and journalists are all vocations based on the questions why and how. Our ability to query and Emily Kay Thompson investigate is very uniquely human. For all of these reasons, the annual Printwear Q&A tradition, this troubleshooting guide, is one of my favorite issues we produce. This collection of the biggest conundrums and most subtle tricks combines years of collective experience from all of the different facets of the industry. Our knowledgeable resources are well-qualified to instruct and steer new and veteran decorators alike, and graciously take the time to share their experience-based insight. This happens to be reason number two of why I enjoy pulling this tradition together. Because information is power, many entrepreneurs are guarded about their tactics. Or, those that are open are often unapproachable through layers of hubris. But when a group of people with a true passion for what they do are asked to share what they've discovered through the years, they do so without pretension. There's no air of self-importance, just the exciting buzz of enthusiasts geeking out in like company. There's no smug "you know what you should do, is…" inflection in any of these tips, but rather an "Omigosh! I was stuck on that for months! Have you tried…" exclamation. No egos, no ulterior motives. Just those with a heart of a teacher, and the experience to back it up, given a platform and audience. I hope you get as much out of reading through the pages upon pages of questions and answers as much as we enjoy producing it. If you get to page 100 without seeing anything that touches your shop, we want to know about your battles. Email pweditor@ with your particular Q and we'll work to find an A. Staff Writer CASSANDRA GREEN Art Director Erik Wogen Graphic Designers Daniel Ahrens LARRY PURVIS Associate Publisher Christina Montgomery Advertising Account Executive Anna Barba Advertising Production Coordinators Sandy Maes Jennifer Alger Marketplace Advertising Account Executive Diane Gilbert Vice President / Events Sue Hueg, CEM, CMP Director of Event Sales Laurie Thiel Show Account Manager Katie STOCKER Education Manager Linda Eddleman NATIONAL BUSINESS MEDIA, INC. Quick Lessons from this issue: President & CEO Robert H. Wieber Jr. Vice President / Integrated Media Personalized smart phone cases present a huge add-on sales opportunity for apparel decorators who employ sublimation and other compatible digital technology: 52 million phones were sold in the U.S. between October and December 2012. As of July, 2013 Pinterest reported it had reached 70 million users. Monthly Pinterest pageviews number about 2.5 billion, and the average time spent on Pinterest per month is 98 minutes. (Page 44) (Page 34) The ink density is generally 20 to 30 percent higher for white inks than general purpose colors. In order to fully cure them, these white inks require exposure to the heat source either for a greater amount of time, at a higher temperature, or combination of both. (Page 83) 6 | Printwear PW_OCT13.indd 6 JOHN BENNETT Vice President / Publishing DAVE POMEROY Vice President / Finance KORI GONZALES, CPA Director of Audience Development LORI FARSTAD Director of IT WOLF BUTLER Director of Marketing SARAH FRAZIER Please recycle this magazine October 2013 9/17/13 1:51 PM

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