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HOUSE / TECHNO 25 7 Issue 55 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN CLAUDE VONSTROKE Ahead of touching down in London on 28th September at Fire with the Dirtybird family, we caught up with the founder and figurehead of the label. Playing alongside Justin Martin and Catz 'N Dogz, this is set to be one of the biggest parties in town. Dropping his new album Urban Animal on 24th September, expect to hear a feature from his wife, and some brand new beats. Steve Pond | This year has been incredibly successful for you. What has been your highlight amongst all of the venues/festivals you have played at? It has been the U.S. venues for me that have been the most exciting. I suppose as it is my home crowd I tend to receive an extra special response from them. to pin down a favourite so I couldn't really say. What about your London fans? You are going to be playing in London soon? I'm going to be down in London for the Dirtybird Players night, September 28th at Fire. This will coincide with the album launch You used to experiment by getting your wife to create sounds for your tracks. Have you had any other obscure approaches to making your music? Not recently although she does feature on some of the tracks on my forthcoming album. This time round I've been doing a lot of the vocals myself for the album. What is your favourite sequencer that you're currently using to produce your music? I use Ableton and sometimes I mix down using Reason. Ableton is definitely my preference though. Do you any specific hardware that you prefer to use when producing your music? analysis of the house music scene in Ibiza? Is it as relevant in Ibiza today as it was ten years ago? That's a really good question. It's hard to say because there used to be only about five clubs to fill out, whereas now there are like 500 clubs! It's something that's become really hard to evaluate. "U.S. venues for me have been the most exciting. I suppose as it is my home crowd I tend to receive an extra special response from them. " What made the U.S. venues the most enjoyable for you? Everyone was completely up for it and they really got into the style of music I was playing which naturally makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. and I will be playing alongside Justin Martin and Catz 'N Dogz. Are there any clubs that stand out for you? No not really, there are so many good venues its hard Are you looking forward to this one? Yeah, it is going to be a lot of fun! Give us some details on your upcoming third album. Have you decided on a title? When is the release date? The album is called Urban Animal and it will be released on 24th September. I've recently got into the habit of using a mic for live sampling and then editing it down for use in my tracks. You're currently in Ibiza as we speak. What's your What are your top three tracks guaranteed to receive the best response from the crowd over there in Ibiza? Anything by any of the Dirtybird artists. I play a lot of my own material when I'm out here and I'm glad to see that it is always received well by the crowds. Who would you like to collaborate with the most? Easy: Prince! We love your drum and bass track, "Aundy". Do you think you will be producing anymore drum and bass in the future? Thanks a lot! There's a new track on the album but I think you will find that this track is more jungle based. Make sure you check out the Dirtybird Players party at Fire on 28th September. For more information check out: Follow @vonstroke

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