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HIP HOP 28 / RNB Issue 55/ 2013 EW VI ER NT I U-GOD U-God speaks of everything, from the response to his fourth solo album, The Keynote Speaker and his identity outside of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, to his dream collaborations and the craziest thing he has ever seen at a show. Read on to find out more... LAURA SHARPE | You just released your new album, The Keynote Speaker. So, how has the response been so far? Response is crazy. Number six in country on Amazon. Twenty right now iTunes... I mean you gotta take that into consideration because you got about 50,000 rap artists that come out all the time. To be number six is a good feeling especially six out of, what, the top 200? It's pretty cool; hopefully I can get up to, like, number five. How does your new music differ from your previous solo work and group work with Wu Tang? Well, when I'm with Wu Tang I can only give you 16 bars. That's that. The group was big, man, so you know I respect that. I only can give you a sixteen; after the sixteen you don't really know me. But when I do my solo shit you get a chance to really see me and get a chance to be like "oh, so that's what this dude is on". You get more respect for me as a solo artist; you get a chance to see me and what I'm representing, what I'm about. If there was anybody that you collaborate with in the whole entire world, that you haven't already, who would it be? Prince. Pink… Pink?! Wow. now online? Well, I don't want to lose my mystique so I kind of dibble and dabble with it. I still like to be mysterious...(Makes ghost-like Sound) Yeah - not putting everything out there ,like, "I'm doing this, I'm doing that..." Yeah, because It takes away, it takes away - I don't care what you're running around doing all this flyness.... Then I sit back you don't sell no records, meanwhile I've got about 40,000 people on my twitter page but I'm number six in the country. My 37,000 is real fans, I didn't buy nobody. I think people think that you gotta look good, you gotta look a certain way. That doesn't work in every case that's a shaky foundation, that's a forced "If I say what's on my mind people might get offended because it probably bangs into what everybody else is doing. I'm not afraid of nobody. " … Beyonce. Umm, who else? Couple of other people. When you guys first started getting big, the social network and the internet didn't exist. How do you think it's changed, do you like to keep your fans up to date anybody says - it takes away. Don't nobody give a fuck about you. I be seeing dudes with a million twitter followers and they don't sell a record. They don't make no fucking sales. Okay, your account is verified, you got 800,000 people on your shit, Oh Wow. Landed on his head (laughs), damn near broke his neck! That's not good. Well it happens, trust me you see some crazy shit. If I say what's on my mind, people might get offended because it probably bangs into what everybody else is doing. I'm not afraid of nobody. At the end of the day if you've got a problem, I'll whoop yo' ass. (laughs) Pshht...It is what it is. If I was to give you one matchstick what would you do with it? One matchstick? I'd set the world on fire. foundation, to me it is. After twenty years of performing what is the craziest thing you've witnessed at a show? Someone stage diving and no one was there to catch them… More information:

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