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IOG ADVICE 25 the Groundsman October 2013 Ask The Expert The IOG's panel of experts answers your questions regarding groundsmanship issues, turf care advice, careers guidance or training matters Can you help me identify any of the grass seeds from this mixture? Unfortunately we have lost the label and it might be used for any of the different areas on our golf course. It is not possible to tell how viable the seeds might be, so germination and vigour of establishment might be low and relatively poor. We can, however, give a good idea of the seed species and a general indication of the type of area that the seed was originally purchased for. This appears to be a fairly easy question to answer. The reason being that the seed mixture you have sent us contains perennial ryegrass. With this seed being present it is only likely to be used on some of your tees and selected areas of your fairway. Some courses do not require or want perennial ryegrasses within their seed mixture; however, on some courses with heavier soils and high wear it is often a suitable grass to use. On the basis that this seed is from your course then it's reasonable to assume you would use it for at least one of the areas I have stated. There is a noticeable amount of bent grass seed, as well as fescue and smooth-stalked meadow grass seed. With this range of seeds in your mixture it is reasonable to state that this is representative of a seed for golf tees and selected areas of a fairway, especially those that attract a lot of divots from players. If you are uncertain about how long you have had the seed then you might wish to consider buying some new seed to complement this seed and spread each at half rate; at least you will not end up wasting it if it does turn out to be quite viable; if it isn't very good then the new seed will still germinate and establish for you. I hope this helps and it just shows the importance of making sure materials keep their labels and that they are legible as well. Please contact if you have a personal query or would like to share your views with our readers – we'd love to hear from you

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