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Connect with Confidence: Security service protects digital lives simply and safely

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the joint vision of McAfee and Intel to redefine the consumer security experience, McAfee LiveSafe enables consumers to connect with confidence by helping safeguard their devices, identity, and data. According to Gary Davis, McAfee's vice president of worldwide consumer marketing, McAfee LiveSafe demonstrates the great possibilities when two industry leaders work together towards a common need. "McAfee LiveSafe is the manifestation of what Intel and McAfee together can do to optimize consumer security. As security continues to morph and grow, we need to leverage different technologies and find different ways to make sure we are providing the best possible protection for our consumers. To that end, using features like Intel® Anti-Theft Technology, Intel® Identity Protection (Intel® IPT), and other built-in security technologies will provide a safer online experience." Much of the interesting work happening in security today is taking place around the software side. As content becomes pervasive and devices form a kind of digital family tree, hardware must be part of the equation and services. step ahead of the perils that exist in an increasingly mobile world. And McAfee LiveSafe brings an innovative application of Intel IPT, a tamper-resistant hardwareauthentication mechanism. Beyond protection from the latest malware threats, McAfee bases their new product offering on three distinct features: 1. Identity protection, providing two features for ID security and password management. The cloud-based safety deposit box, called "McAfee Personal Locker," uses facial and voice recognition to authenticate a user's identity, so the user can securely store sensitive, personal information such as financial records, driver licenses, and passports. The second feature, SafeKey, allows users to easily and securely manage their passwords and automatically access their online accounts from any of their devices. Both features can be used across PCs, Macs*, tablets, and smartphones— anytime and anywhere. 2. Account dashboard, providing a snapshot of a customer's account and highlighting the protection in place across a user's device collection. Users access a simple web-based dashboard to centrally manage security on all of their PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. THE FOUNDATION FOR A STRONG BASE McAfee LiveSafe is a comprehensive service that covers each device, securing a user's entire digital life, staying one 2 I nte l ® Sof t w are Adren al ine 3. Anti-theft technology, enables users to locate and remotely lock their device using hardware and software technologies to help cope with lost or stolen devices. With the continuing explosion in smartphones, tablets, and related products, Davis sees mobile device security

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