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Putting W in Work hile he's passionate about all of the custom work his shop turns out, a few notable recent projects rise to the top of the pile for Mo' Muscle Cars' Blake Meaux. "One of my favorites is one we recently finished, an 800-plus horsepower 1964-and-a-half Mustang Convertible," he says. "This car is bad to the bone." The Mustang has a completely modern drive train with a modified 2007 5.4-liter Shelby GT500 powerplant with a Kenne Bell supercharger, custom built dash and console, electric power disk brakes, Control Freak independent suspension, hand-built headers, exhaust and tips, a modified hood to clear a blower and powder-coated trim to offset painted bumpers. "It's really a super muscle car," says Blake. "It's putting out 820 horsepower at the flywheel and drives completely like a modern vehicle. This is our second build for this customer—we did a restomod '57 Chevy for him a while back, which took home the CASI Cup at the 2012 Houston Autorama—so we want to do our best. "He's talked about doing a Power Tour event with it, but even if he doesn't, I know he will drive it regularly and enjoy it. It deserves to be driven. It's a mean, street-pounding machine." Another special recent project was a 1967 Camaro, also recently completed. "That was a really special build," he says. "The body was pretty bad on the car when we got it, so we upgraded it to a new Dynacorn. Everything except the sub frame is brand new." Under the upgraded body, the '67 features a new LS3 engine with a 6-speed transmission and all modern components including a Hotchkis Sport Suspension, GM 12 bolt with Eaton Posi Differential, Classic Instruments Gauges, Vintage Air A/C, complete power windows, custom audio and more. "It's an amazing vehicle; you drive it at 75 miles per hour and it's still riding at 2200 rpm," he laughs. "We call that a pro touring custom. With a modern suspension and drive train and a comfortable interior, you could drive it from here to New York and be perfectly comfortable, yet it's still got enough power to race it." c Blending classic style with modern conveniences like air conditioning, power steering and cutting edge audio has been a recipe for success for Houston-based Mo' Muscle Cars. his voice and an entrepreneur's insistence on finding a better way and willing it into existence. "The reason I started Mo' Muscle Cars is because I thought there was a tremendous need for the average muscle car guy to find a place that is dependable, does excellent work and stands behind their work," he says in the video, posted on the website of the company he launched in response (www. "I want to be responsive to the customer," he added. "We want to be on the cutting edge of what's new in the muscle car business. We want to do top notch restorations in a professional way and a dependable way." What had started as a hobby for Tim Meaux—he always had a stable of muscle cars, hot rods, motorcycles and boats, among other toys—became a mission of bringing a greater level of professionalism to a sometimes unpredictable business. And in just the first few years it was apparent that there was indeed a great need for his approach. The company opened its shop in late 2005 in the Houston suburb of Conroe, Texas, and business was gaining momentum. Right up until Tim's untimely passing in 2009. The growing staff at Mo' Muscle Cars, including Tim's son, Blake, was understandably devastated. For the better part of a year, they powered through as best they could and strove to keep up the high bar Tim had set. But without Tim's presence, it wasn't quite enough. "It got to the point that our mission and vision wasn't being fulfilled," says Blake, who had literally grown up at his dad's side working on high-powered custom toys. "At that point, I decided that it was in our best interest to start fresh. I took over operations of the business and from that point on we moved forward. Since then, we've been working hard to honor our mission and we're proud of what we've accomplished." RIDING THE RESTOMOD WAVE Today, Mo' Muscle Cars is a thriving business still dedicated to fulfilling the tremendous need of muscle car enthusiasts to find dependable, responsive shops that offer cutting-edge work. The staff—now numbering 12 full-time employees including a shop manager, office manager and bookkeeper, two project managers, six mechanics and fabricators/bodymen, and a general assistant—bustles in the 2013 November Hotrod & Restoration HRR_Nov13.indd 11 11 9/30/13 9:19 AM

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