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Implementing SDN and NFV with Intel® Architecture

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WHITE PAPER Intel® Architecture Processors Networking and Communications Implementing SDN and NFV with Intel® Architecture Part II of series discusses how network operators, telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs) and ISVs can accelerate the development of a software-focused network using open source APIs and reference designs from Intel. Introduction Part one of this three paper series detailed how Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and a complementary initiative, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), are enabling a more flexible networking architecture compared to traditional approaches that use fixed-function network elements. This paper, Part II, overviews key hardware and software components used to implement a software-focused network in a virtualized environment. After reading the paper, one will be able to describe the high-level hardware and software requirements for the four architectural layers; the communication protocols linking the layers; the co-existence of physical and virtual switching; and the available Intel® reference designs and tools that can help reduce development time. Networking Framework SDN and NFV architecture combined consists of four layers, called orchestration, network applications, network controller (or controller) and node, as shown in Figure 1. The following sections cover each layer in more detail, describing their functions, the available hardware and software solutions, and the APIs that can be used for interlayer communications. Orchestrator Industry momentum around SDN and NFV is creating a solid foundation for flexible networking. e.g., OpenStack* Network Applications Northbound API Controller Controller Southbound API e.g., OpenFlow*, Open vSwitch* Node Node Node Node Node Node Network Appliances Switch Cloud Servers Media Gateways EPC C-RAN Figure 1. An example of SDN transforming the network

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