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HOUSE / TECHNO 19 7 Issue 56 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN CESARE VS. DISORDER After they played at South West Four Festival during the August Bank Holiday Weekend on Clapham Common, we caught up with the Don of UKG to chat festivals, EPs and influences. Joe Lee Groove | Where did your desire to become a DJ and to produce Electronic come from? My parents ushered me into music when I was a kid - I had classical guitar lessons when I was six or seven years old, then piano for a while as a teenager, and then I taught myself some basic bass and percussions before moving to beats. At aged seventeen I was clubbing for a couple of years and pretty intrigued by the art of DJing. I started looking around then ended up buying a couple of decks and a mixer - I was still in high school, killing my parents and neighbours everyday, mixing tunes for twenty hours a day, scratching, cutting, learning. I was at shitty gigs wherever possible, at a local bar, at school parties, at picnics with the Sun, then at illegal raves. One day I met a good friend of mine, Denis at a festival in the north of Italy - in 1998, I think and we talked deeply about music during a few days of raving together, playing in the mountains for the same SoundSystem. He invited me to his studio a few days after together we made a bootleg of a track by Bjork from her album Homogenic… it was then that I fell in love with the production game. What current projects have you got going on? I've just released a record on Stock5 with a tune featuring Aquarius Heaven, then I have an EP on my label Serialism, which includes a collaboration with my brother and legend Quenum, and a remix by Maayan Nidam. I also have a solo EP coming out on Stock5 before the end of the year I have a Mikael Stavostrand…all there waiting for the right inspiration, the right moment. of grooves, a bit of dub, a bit of rock & roll, a touch of psychedelic and a lot of funk. just a matter of who can transmit emotions at many levels and who cannot. What have you got planned for your label, Serialism? We are just releasing my next EP Wide Close up, followed by first single from Quenum's critically acclaimed forthcoming album Face to Face which includes a remix by Cassy and we'll close this year with a remix EP of the album with Mathew Jonson, Tiefschwarz, Frank Haag's, and one by yours truly.Next year we have already Any release dates planned for your long-awaited full length album? I'm sorry to disappoint my fans, but I've changed my mind on releasing the album; I've signed it to Stock5 in different EPs, and some remaining tunes will fill gaps of other future EPs. With my continuous travelling and partying it was difficult to keep up with a project that needed so much focus channelled What's next for you? Difficult to say… I naturally go with the flow. I know I'll keep producing music and travelling the world, sharing it with as many people as possible. I'll keep releasing music and producing artists with my label, Serialism. Lately, I've started making music for short movies and I'm sure this will play a big part in my future career. I'll keep mixing with visual arts, as the connection between fine art and music has always been part of my lifestyle. " I'm very eclectic - I don't box my own music, it will all depend on my mood, the place, the people, the vibe." tune with Inxec on his next EP, also on Stock5 with a remix by Arttu, then many unsigned tunes to label-shop. At the moment I'm working on a big project with Quenum under a totally new name which I will announce very soon. Finally I have some music with my buddies Konrad Black, Tolga Fidan, Eric Volta, Dave Vega, Jonny Cruz, Elon, Jeremy Caulfield, Sierra Sam, Carola Pisaturo, Walker Barnard, planned a beautiful EP by Jin Choi with a remix by our friend and great young talent Avatism. How would you describe your sound right now? I'm very eclectic - I don't box my own music, it will all depend on my mood, the place, the people, the vibe. Call it a mix of house and techno, from 'deep' to 'trippy', with a variety in one direction. iI managed to make a few strong EPs but not a long one that would satisfy me. I will start working on a totally new album next year, I promise! Which artists do you think are really pushing the boundaries? I don't really care about who pushes boundaries - there's music I like and there's music I don't like. For me it's If you were banished to a desert island and had to take three famous people (dead or alive) who would you take? Mac Gyver, David Copperfield and Natalie Portman! Cool, Thanks alot! Follow @ cesaremarchese

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