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HIP HOP 22 / RNB ALBUM OF THE MONTH NWTS - DRAKE Issue 56 / 2013 ARTIST OF THE MONTH THE LC COLLECTIVE Could you expect anything less from Drizzy? He is, after all, considered a lyrical mastermind for a reason. It is known that quite a few people took a while to gain admiration for the Canadian artist, which is understandable, since many couldn't - and still can't - see the correlation between his lyrics and his lifestyle. However, he has released some really amazing work, so you have to hand it to him - he grows on you, just like his music. You have to take some time out to actually let his pieces of work sink in. Unlike many rap artists these days, Drake is actually impressive because his music is good - instead of being just catchy or so annoying that you can't forget him. His lyrics literally cause chaos - remember, it wasn't that long ago that people were running around screaming "Yolo" and telling everyone that they "started from the bottom". Although album of the month, it is still safe to say that Drake's "Take Care" and "Thank Me Later" were actually better than "Nothing Was The Same". TRACK OF THE MONTH Tyler The Creator - Look Feat. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt. The huge successful and often controversial OddFuture gang are back, this time with new track 'Look', their first collaboration since Tyler, The Creator's 2013 album 'Wolf'. The LC Collective formed by fate, in August last year, when founder MC Angel programmed a live stream of an all-female takeover, for the infamous Nick Knights Show Studio, for an exhibition called 'Selling Sex'. The members of the collective, already regulars of popular poetry and hip hop night Lyrically Challenged, decided that they collaborated so well that they should go on to perform at Secret Garden Party together. Four fiery female rappers adopted someone who they call their "singing unicorn" Emma Prior, and rolling with the DJ Shorty (Kane FM) they became The LC Collective. Since August last year, rappers MC Angel, Shay D, Sirena Reynolds, part-time member Sonority Turner and Emma Prior have gone on to performing gigs the UK including venues such as The Ivy, Sunrise Festival, Small World Festival, Proud Camden, Boom Bap Festival - to name but a few! The girls, who are all solo artists, create magic on stage when their flavours merge. They released their mixtape Trust Your Struggle earlier this year, which brought in amazing reviews from listeners. As well as being a rapper, MC Angel specialised in spoken word poetry, touring in UK Festivals. Sirena Reynolds was a regular open mic guest at Lyrically Chal- lenged, where her bassy tone and explicitly honest lyrics captivated the other girls, who quickly took her on board. Emma Prior was a friend of MC Angels, and her enormous, soulful voice goes down a storm when the girls perform their sets. Shay D is a rapper from North London who was a guest at Lyrically Challenged who then met MC Angel during a rap workshop, due to the fact that they are both active youth workers.  They have been inseparable since. Along with DJ Shorty, scratch professional and hip hop DJ for Kane FM, the energy around them is building large momentum and you can tell from their sets and music that they are very excited by life. MC Angel and Shay D co-run their two-floor monthly hip hop event Lyrically Challenged, at Passing Clouds, celebrating all forms of hip hop - from turntablism, rap cyphers, breakdance, beatbox to live graffiti. It was born from MC Angel's desire to provide an inspiring space for spoken word poets, and since then it has grown to a live music event and big UK acts such as Akala, English Frank, Logic and Native Sun have performed there. These rappers merge conscious lyrics over raw hip hop beats, with an element of grime, dubstep and soul. Their ethos is to bring a balance to a male-dominated scene with feminine energy, also mindful that they are role models on the scene. The LC Collective have started working on their album, doing everything independently; hustling gigs, their event, their mixtape and solo projects. Theirs is a sound that caters to a wide range of ears, from positive uplifting vibes to hype party joints. We were in need of an all female hip hop crew who are lyrical and focused on music and not exploiting image. Here they are! Follow them @shayduk @mcangeluk @djshorty79 @LCCollectiveUK Facebook: Lyrically Challenged UK MORE @ GUESTLIST.NET OUR PLAYLIST Here's the hip hop on our playlist this month: Released 2nd October 2013   Produced by Nottz, the track is an unrelenting, compelling stream of verses with a continuous pulse for the beat. Tyler starts hard and then re-tracks stating "I came way too hard on that, I'm a be scaring kids and shit, let me, let me tone that down I'm sorry' adding that classic sense of OddFuture humour.   Once again Domo Genesis's lyrical flow is full of poetical techniques and inner rhyme schemes: "Live from the gutter, young stunner, trumps what you niggas blundered, I uppercut 'em by the bundle, nigga take a number, by my butter never let them suckers take me under, cold like I hate the summer?". Tinie Tempah ft. John Soulja Boy I'm On Now Martin: 'Children of the Sun' Childish Gambino Worldstar DJ Khaled ft J Cole Hell's Kitchen

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