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HIP HOP / RNB 25 7 Issue 56 / 2013 EW VI ER NT I ACE HOOD After they played at South West Four Festival during the August Bank Holiday Weekend on Clapham Common, we caught up with the Don of UKG to chat festivals, EPs and influences. Mr Wondah | Trials and Tribulations is your first official UK release and now you're on an international tour. You just shut down London, how was that for you? Yeah it was good, the experience and being able to get a different taste of life, as opposed to being in the States and doing different cities in the States. The people, the energy, the culture and all that good stuff make me happy to be here. You're signed to a joint label deal between We The Best Records and YMCMB. How did you get DJ Khaled's attention? Well I was at a radio station, just because it was something I had to do that day, and Khaled ended up coming in. I gave him a CD and everything else was pretty much history! My circumstance is different you know - I see it as God's work, how fortunate it was for me to get there, and then he just pulls up 5 minutes later. It doesn't happen like that for everybody. You're brave enough to put real personal experiences in your music. Where does that all come from, and what inspires you to say it? That feeling like if music can hit the heart then music will last forever, as opposed to music hitting you mentally, when you listen to it in a club for a few months and then it's gone. Back in the day 'Pac (Tupac) was able to give you a "Dear Mama", he was able to give you a "Brenda's Got A baby" or "I Ain't Mad At Cha" and these are records in 2013 that we are still able to play long after Okay, so you've collaborated with a lot of people, from different genres. What's your most memorable collaboration? My most memorable one has to be "Mama" featuring Betty Right, just because I grew up to her. Anybody that knows me knows that my mum is very important to me. She was my inspiration growing up, having two or three jobs just to provide for her five children. Back in the day when we of substance into my music because we have all got to climb that bridge understand that God does everything for a reason and never forget that. Do you see it as a responsibility as a musician to not just entertain but to also uplift and inspire people? Of course. We have a voice, I've been blessed enough to have this voice to speak to thousands and millions of people around the world. A lot of the " I'm very eclectic - I don't box my own music, it will all depend on my mood, the place, the people, the vibe." they're gone - and that's the type of music that I aim to create. You're doing your Trials and Tribulations tour across Europe. What's your most memorable experience on stage? I don't know man, maybe watching a fan emotionally cry tears. Watching a fan literally cry tears just on my substance and the message behind my music - seeing how much its influenced them, touched them and motivated them to do better in life. were doing spring cleaning my mum would play Betty Right tunes, so to be able to get her to do a tribute for my mother and to be able to be where I am, makes me speechless. You had twin daughters, one of them very sadly passed away. You're very open about that on your music. What gives you the strength to open up about it? Music for me is therapy - it's a way for me to speak about how I'm feeling. That's why I'm able to put that type time we glorify the 'high life' but we don't glorify the 'low life' – which is really what's going on out there. We can't leave without talking about "Bugatti" because everyone was going crazy for that one. What's the creativity behind that? Ace Hood: "Bugatti" is a fun record man, it's about understanding that the sky isn't the limit. You have got to be able to see past that even if you don't have a "Bugatti" it can be whatever, your dream whip or your dream crib - something that you can work hard for that's what it is. Me and Future were actually in the studio creating this record together. It took Future literally 5 minutes to lay the hook and I wrote the verses like 2 weeks later, and it's a colossal record man. "Outchea", is the second single from the new album. Do you want to talk to us a bit about that? "Outchea" is just a lifestyle record. I'm "Outchea" to feed my family, to feed my daughter, to take care of my team. It's just a phrase that we use back where we're from. Being "Outchea" everyday whether you're working the 9-5 - it doesn't matter what you're doing - you're "Outchea" if you're getting money and living your life how you want live it. Working with Wayne was special. I grew up with him and was in the studio for 3 days just creating. He cut the verse and I was honoured to have him be a part of that record. Wow, trust me, we "Outchea"! Anyway, we really appreciate is that really try to uplift the people. We need more artists like you, you just keep on doing what you're doing. Thank you; I appreciate that man, peace. Follow @Acehood

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